Mechanically Beautiful: Trine 2


Welcome to Mechanically Beautiful,  where we look into the widely debated topic of whether or not video games are considered art.  I’m here to say that yes, I do believe video games are a form of art. If you are not a believer of this idea, then maybe these articles will change your mind. But even if they don’t, you will get a chance to hear about and maybe look into some beautiful games in the industry. Today we look at the fantasy adventure, “Trine 2.

Trine 2” is an indie adventure and puzzle platformer created by the company Frozenbyte. In “Trine 2”, you play as three different characters; Amadeus, the wizard, Pontius, the knight,  and Zoya, the thief. The three characters travel through a land of mystical fairy tales while fighting off goblins and other magical monsters. Each character fills a very specific role in helping you get through the trials of the land.

Amadeus, Zoya, Pontius

Each of the three main characters look like the hero of fairy tales you were told when you were a kid. The wizard, Amadeus, is my personal favorite of the three. His whole character reminds you of the most famous wizards in popular fantasy franchises, like Gandalf, Dumbeldore, and Saruman. One major difference is that he’s kind of a silly wizard. His mastery of magic is not as vast as you would expect.  He seeks to learn the ever-so-famous fireball spell. His outfit is the best part. He wears a tall, pointy, teal hat with a gold ring and brim to accent it. His robes are the same matching teal color, along with the same gold brims and a brown robe underneath. The front of the robes have black patterns and gears holding them together. His character is very wise, yet silly at the same time. He has the feel of a wizard in a child’s eyes. Pontius, the knight, is probably the funniest of the three. Pontius is a knight who cares about being honorable, but he also really likes to party. He eats and drinks like a big, happy dwarf when he isn’t busy doing knightly things. He is a very plump man, with a stomach that sticks out like a big, round barrel. Due to his rather plump figure, he has very boring, custom-made iron armor. He wears a red cape that looks small because of his big stomach and shoulders. His chest and stomach armor have a nice, simple pattern, which matches the design on his shield. He has big, spiked pauldrons that go along with his large spiked helmet and pointed greaves. His whole character design is like taking your classic knight in shining armor and making him a normal guy. Zoya isn’t my favorite of the three, but she makes a very nice contrast to the silly nature of the two male characters. Zoya is a thief, so she is a very serious character, with her mind on the mission. Her attire reminds me of Altair from “Assassins Creed”. She wears all white robes with a veil over her head and face. Underneath the robes, she wears what looks like a bright, red shirt with a tassel hanging off of her right side. She also wears tall, leather boots. All three of the characters look like a child’s fairy tale hero, but  they also have a nice twist to them. Amadeus looks like a more colorful wizard, Pontius is a big-bellied knight with simple gear, and Zoya is a thief with a bead and veil theme.


The main enemy force you fight against is the goblin soldiers. They are bigger than most people imagine and very muscular. Some of the goblin bosses are massive, hulking, green warriors who swing their clubs in fury. The goblins wear very interesting and leather fantasy-style gear along with hand crafted weapons. You also see other creatures in the game, like large spiders and dragons. The enemies are a huge step up from the original game, which sent many skeletons and simple, undead fighters at you.

There are many different spots and scenes that you see in the game. Every area you go through in this game is pumped full of color and beautiful lighting. Every time I play this game, I find myself looking at its gorgeous style. The backgrounds are filled with giant trees and glowing flora, with bugs and other creatures floating around. The water effects are also beyond what most triple-A games seem to pull off. The sparkling and delicate use of color pulls the whole setting into a world of whimsy. The setting looks like a child’s fantasy brought to life. I have never seen so much great color, lighting, texture, and generally amazing art design in a game.

Trine 2” is a fantastic feast for the eyes that will blow you away. This is an indie game that looks better than many triple-A games that have been coming out these days. The colors, characters, and backgrounds are the best I have ever seen. The beauty of this game isn’t the only good part, either. “Trine 1” and “Trine 2” are some of the best indie games I have ever played. The platforming, puzzling, and combat are all tightly controlled and well implemented. The only indie game that I personally liked more than the “Trine” games is “Bastion.” I recommend “Trine 1” and “Trine 2” to just about every gamer there is, whether you’re casual, hardcore, or even a mobile gamer. If you can get your hands on this game, you should play it.

Thanks for reading! If you’d like, you can purchase “Trine 2” here.