Saturday, September 21, 2019
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22 years old, college graduate with a psych degree. work at a comic book store + theater. wolverine is my role model.

Why Susan Storm is Important

Susan Storm.  She started off as the "token" female character on the Fantastic Four as the "The Invisible Girl". As comics progressed, she was given the title of 'The Invisible Woman', and given a wider range in which she uses her powers. She does not just turn invisible to escape her enemies now, but can project defenses and use...

‘All New X-men’ and the “Old” Views on Women

The "All New X-Men" series by Brian M. Bendis involves the original 5 x-men from the 60s time traveling forward to the modern day marvel age, confronted with their future .  The series has been hailed by many critics as life changing for the x-men and as a new twist on the original story.  However, there are many flaws within this...