Thursday, September 19, 2019
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"It's not my fault." -Kumagawa Misogi

The Aura of Shonen: Appreciating a Pure Heart

At the time of writing this post, the Shonen Ronin Youtube channel has officially reached 1000 subscribers. A rather significant number since the initial climb on youtube is always torturously long and hitting this meager milestone greatly expands the things we can to and outlook for the future.

Yakuza 0: “We Write In Other People’s Blood.” “Everyone struggles with the conflict between reality and the way they want to live their lives, but it’s by facing that struggle that they grow into better people.”-Hell Warden Higuma Warning: Discussion of this game contains spoilers and the references to suicide which some people may find difficult.

Beyond Netero: The Hunt For Humanity

With six words spoken on a stage most grand, he dispelled the myths holding humanity in chains, beat down the bureaucratic walls barring the entry, and stole the hearts of millions with a promise. “I promise to take you there!” In this era of rapidly obtained information,...

Writer’s Corner: Why Magic and Traditional Politics Don’t Mix

I promised a post explaining more about magic and politics and here we go. My schedule is freed up from the Soul Eater thing and I have room to breath I recently put Black Clover on hold for a bit because I wanted to read some works that are a bit more substantive as I return to my writing....

The Masculine Ideals of Shonen Jump: A Praxis for Masculinity

Artist Link: Why I Decided To Write This: Humankind has a bad habit of confusing a step forward with an acceptable end result. "A man who has committed a mistake and doesn't correct it, is committing another mistake." the great Confucius once said. Finish properly what you start. Did your words harm a friend? Don't just apologize see to it...

Soul Eater: “Malfeasance” Eibon’s 8th Sin (Youtube)

Now with visuals to pair with the text.

Soul Eater: “Malfeasance” Eibon’s 8th Sin

Did you know Halloween is my birthday? I'm 24. So much like many in the early anime community Soul Eater is one of my favorite first anime. It boasts an amazingly creative Halloween styled world, has a cast of well fleshed out and unforgettable characters, got one of the most absolutely banging soundtracks in anime and most importantly Soul Eater...

Shonen Trope Talk: Power and Strength Absolute

So far within this series, I've led into every entry with "Perhaps the most succinct word on BLANK comes to us from BLANK". However, today's subject of analysis has no succinct word that would truly encompass the scope of Power. Power, takes many forms, has many uses, dictates possibilities that aren't apparent at first. The question of how a...

Indie Review: Slay The Spire

Real quick, who exactly who do you think you are Mega Crit Games? I had already planned for Monster Hunter World to completely ruin my life. Then a certain Calliope (fully aware I am a weak and will pounce on good games) decides to get me addicted to another game, a CARD GAME no less. Could have at least got...