Sunday, June 16, 2019
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"It's not my fault." -Kumagawa Misogi

Shonen Ronin Cast 2: The Minus Arc (Medaka Box 55-90)


Shonen Ronin Cast 1: Medaka Box Ch. 1-55


The Aura of Shonen: Appreciating an Aesthetic

Disclaimer: This is a collaboration between myself and my friend THEHXH2011DRA the initial skeleton for this post was written primary by me and you can see a different version of this same content on his blog. Additionally to any creators out there we do not wish to imply that using and writing with the Shounen Aesthetic in mind guarantees you’ll...

Heavy Metal Dad

My favorite episode of Cowboy Bebop at present is Heavy Metal Queen. I can't say this is for any particular reason other than it reminds me how cool my Father is. If I had any sort of embarrassing anime confessions, it would be that I've seen Bebop three times from start to finish and can't say I appreciate it...

Illegitimate Podcast: One Piece

From the bowels of a previous decade. One where Shonen-tards scurried across the fields of the anime fandom freely... Four degenerates awaken from their slumber to ensure the world understands one simple fact. Big Mam = Best Girl It's the Illegitimate Crew's first voyage!

Chimera Ant Arc Doesn’t Suck

For Context: I've been a long time participant in BobSamurai's Facebook group, The Anime Dojo, as it's, like, the only one with some structure. It's a refreshing break from anime communities that just spam memes and chapter reviews for infinity. Not too long ago I came across this post by one of our members: In response to this I spent...

Why Aren’t You Reading Wolfsmund?

At one point or another we all have a tendency to get sick of it. "The heroes ALWAYS win." It's a common saying for a reason. One I heard often as a kid from the older teens while I complacently watched Power Rangers. When we sit down to watch anime, read a book, or play a video game, we...

Recovering From Anime Burnout

Anime fans, I feel, have this unrealistic expectation that they'll be watching anime nigh infinitum. Or at the very least, to be able to constantly consume anime at a rate that an experienced weeb like myself would label as unsustainable. Animation is a medium I've felt strongly about ever since I was a child and I hope it continues...