Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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"It's not my fault." -Kumagawa Misogi

Heavy Metal Dad

My favorite episode of Cowboy Bebop at present is Heavy Metal Queen. I can't say this is for any particular reason other than it reminds me how cool my Father is. If I had any sort of embarrassing anime confessions, it would be that I've seen Bebop three times from start to finish and can't say I appreciate it...

Illegitimate Podcast: One Piece

From the bowels of a previous decade. One where Shonen-tards scurried across the fields of the anime fandom freely... Four degenerates awaken from their slumber to ensure the world understands one simple fact. Big Mam = Best Girl It's the Illegitimate Crew's first voyage!

Chimera Ant Arc Doesn’t Suck

For Context: I've been a long time participant in BobSamurai's Facebook group, The Anime Dojo, as it's, like, the only one with some structure. It's a refreshing break from anime communities that just spam memes and chapter reviews for infinity. Not too long ago I came across this post by one of our members: In response to this I spent...

Why Aren’t You Reading Wolfsmund?

At one point or another we all have a tendency to get sick of it. "The heroes ALWAYS win." It's a common saying for a reason. One I heard often as a kid from the older teens while I complacently watched Power Rangers. When we sit down to watch anime, read a book, or play a video game, we...

Recovering From Anime Burnout

Anime fans, I feel, have this unrealistic expectation that they'll be watching anime nigh infinitum. Or at the very least, to be able to constantly consume anime at a rate that an experienced weeb like myself would label as unsustainable. Animation is a medium I've felt strongly about ever since I was a child and I hope it continues...