Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Rebecca Tewksbury

Hi. I'm a writer who likes to analyze art, but mostly I just sit here and play video games. Video games are art, so I talk about those. A lot. I'm also a photographer, a law student, a novelist, an aspiring YouTuber and Twitch streamer, and now I write editorials for this site.

Why I Hate Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver | Broken Glasses

Nostalgia can be one Hell of a thing. It blinds everyone. Games from our childhood seem so much better than they actually are because we played them back then and still like them to this day, even if, in hindsight, they weren't very good. On the flip side, those of us without nostalgia for these don't see quite so...

Pokemon Sun and Moon Review | Matter of Experience

Pokemon is a huge part of my life. The original games came out in Japan less than a month before I was born, the first games I ever owned on my first ever console were Pokemon Snap and Hey You, Pikachu, and now it's a huge part of my life to the point where it's practically my job (except...

Pokemon and Propaganda [Pokemon: Evolutions Commercial Analysis]

Pokemon. For those of us who've grown up with video games in our lives, more often than not, Pokemon is the leader of the pack, the game we all immediately think of. It was revolutionary, with fun gameplay, hours of a brand new world to explore, and, best of all, hundreds of creatures for us to catch, play with,...