Thursday, June 20, 2019
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Lois Lane Gets YA Spotlight

Fans of Lois Lane, rejoice.  Gwenda Bond, author of "The Woken Gods" and "Blackwood", recently announced her plans to pen a novel in the DC universe, according to YA Interrobang. Bond's newest book will focus on a young Louis Lane just starting out in Metropolis. The book, titled "Fallout", is expected to be out in January 2015.  

The Comic Book Virgin: Ms. Marvel

Welcome to The Comic Book Virgin, the series where I dive headfirst into the world of comics and don't look back. This week: "Ms. Marvel". Oh, Kamala Khan. How I love thee. Right from the first panel, with her staring into a deli case lusting after a BLT, I knew that she was a great character.  Kamala Khan is a young Muslim girl...

The Comic Book Virgin: Hawkeye

Hey guys! I'm Lauren. I usually edit, but then I got to thinking; why not try something new? And so, I give you The Comic Book Virgin. Every other Saturday, I'll be giving you my first impressions of whatever comic I get my hands on. Let's get started. When I got this idea, I was at Bridget's house. You may...

Margaret Stohl to Pen YA Novels in Marvel Universe

Hi guys! Lauren here. I work for another website, and when I saw this piece I knew it would be perfect for UZF. So, without further adieu, here's some news, word for word, from YA Interrobang: "Beautiful Creatures" author Margaret Stohl announced at ComicCon and on Twitter that she will write YA novels set in the Marvel universe. I’ve made two #Marvel games- #Spiderman and #FantasticFour. So #MarvelYA is like coming...

Fans are Hooked on Guardians of the Galaxy

It seems the more movies Marvel produces, they just get better and better. Between “The Avengers”, “Captain America:The Winter Soldier”, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”, and “X-Men:Days of Future Past”, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been dominating the movie industry. Adding “The Guardians of the Galaxy” to their roster has done nothing but give them yet another leg up. Before...