Saturday, September 21, 2019
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More Pokéleaks! Mega Sharpedo, Mega Camerupt, and Mega Gallade Confirmed

Today was a pretty eventful day for all the Pokémon fans awaiting the release of "Omega Ruby" and Alpha Sapphire. Ironically, the leaks where leaked! Shonen Sunday released a few pages from the next issue of CoroCoro, the most popular source for Pokémon leaks. CoroCoro has revealed a few new mega evolutions and the new "Primal Abilities" of Groudon...

Net Neutrality is Dead?!

The issue of "Net Neutrality" has been a pretty common topic on the interwebs as of late, but recent developments in DC have indicated that Net Neutrality has perished. For those who do not know, Net Neutrality is the name given to the idea that all internet users should have equal internet speed without discrimination. Companies like Comcast have...

iPhone 6! Apple Pay! And… U2!?

Many have long awaited the announcement of the newest member of the iPhone family. The people have speculated and the rumor mill has churned long into the night, but the truth has finally arrived! The iPhone 6 comes with many new attractive features like a better battery life, Wi-Fi phone calls with seamless transition to tower service, and a...