Thursday, September 19, 2019
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I'm Nick, a blogger and writer with a ridiculous passion for video games, anime, and tech. I'm a huge RPG buff. I was once voted most likely to cry while playing a video game.

We Need to Tweak How We Evaluate the Price of Games

Gamers all share a rough idea of how we evaluate the monetary worth of a game. There are rules about pricing that all of us go by. Games should never be over $60s for a standard edition, things like that. It’s an arbitrary judgment system that’s stayed the same for years but the gaming industry has undergone drastic shifts...

Saints Row is Better than Grand Theft Auto: Sorry not Sorry

Welcome to sorry not sorry, a new series of articles where I delve into just a few of the vast worlds of video games and explain some of m unpopular opinions about video games as though they were an objective fact. In honor of Agents of Mayhem, which I’m loving, I wanted to address the question of which is...

Why the Switch will Never be a Better Handheld than the DS Family

Here'With the growing momentum behind the Nintendo Switch it’s no surprise there’s been some talk about where this console will fit in against its older siblings in the 3DS & 2DS line. Many have concluded that the Switch’s greatest asset is its handheld form, which finally makes good on the promise to bring a serviceable console experience to the...