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The Art of Anime

I'm the ArtofAnime, or Art for short. Fun play on words right? What a dad joke. I make anime videos on The YouTube. I also rate these Chinese Cartoons and people get mad at me for low ratings. ~~Take My Revolution~~

Objectivity in Anime: A Five Day Discussion

With the advent of Yuri!! on Ice securing Crunchyroll's Anime of the Year award, among half of all total awards available the want to hear an objective opinion on anime has increased tenfold. Of course, there's no true objective opinion on anything as objectivity is based in truth and no one can say that your opinion is without merit. Over...

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: For Dummies

Ever wanted to get into JoJo? Still pestering a friend to get into JoJo? Watch this or send them this. This will include some of the best scenes from the JoJoverse to sell the franchise to those pesky kids that won't pick it up. This is mostly spoiler free...mostly. Also, we'll be talking about the Joestar family tree in...

The 15 BEST Anime of 2016 You NEED To Watch

WHAT WAS THE BEST ANIME OF 2016? To start, 2016 was in general, a year of ups and downs and that's true for the anime community as well - we had spectacular shows like KonoSuba and Yuri!! on Ice, absurd ones like Keijo!!!!!!!! and Gakuen Handsome, really bad ones like Big Order - and so on, but that's true in...

12 Days of Anime

Happy holidays from all of us at Uzerfriendly! For the next 12 days until Christmas I'll be posting a video every day for the community event, The 12 Days of Anime. You can learn more about the event at the link here. Embedded is Day 1 you can access the next days via the playlist here. Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day...

Satoshi Kon’s Opus Manga Review

I said I'd be getting around to manga related video eventually. Today is that day, and we start with Satoshi Kon's Opus! Just like Satoshi Kon's later works in his life like Perfect Blue or Tokyo Godfathers, Opus is straight to the point everything Satoshi Kon was about in his career. Rest in peace and may your stories always...

The Genius and Revolution of Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Anime and media in general have come a long, long way since the 1990s. From the days of Pokémon being a bad influence on children because of violence and evolution to the arrival of the new generation of shows like Steven Universe on Cartoon Network. There was always one constant behind the scenes, things were being censored. When Japan...

Top “Over the Top” Anime

Some anime are just perfectly hilarious and some just get to be too much, what you may call "Over the Top". These anime are so over the top that you might need to take a break from them, some of them are extremely good though. While most of these are comedies, some aren't lucky enough to have that tag. No...

Summer 2016 Anime Roundup

You saw what I thought of Spring anime, but what did I think of what aired this Summer? soon as you click this Summer 2016 Anime Roundup. I own absolutely none of the shows used in this video. Subscribe to The Art of Anime: The Art of Anime on Twitter: The Art of Anime on Facebook: The Art of Anime...

Let’s Play The Senpai (A Seinfeld Visual Novel)

The Senpai is a Seinfeld Visual Novel that you can download at: Seinfeld is owned by Larry David The Senpai is "owned" by "Larry David" and the people at Subscribe to The Art of Anime: The Art of Anime on Twitter: The Art of Anime on Facebook: The Art of Anime on Patreon: Want to know what else I'm watching? Visit...

Wolf’s Rain Anime Series Review

In the world of Wolf's Rain, humanity has been living a life where wolves have gone into extinction, or at least that's what they're lead to believe. Wolves are able to disguise themselves in a humanoid form to blend in with the everyday crowd. Wolf's Rain is owned by Studio Bones. Subscribe to The Art of Anime: The Art of Anime...