The Music of Minecraft, and its Affect on the Player


Often times, in any form of media, the music of the presented piece is fit to compliment the given situation, and evoke a certain effect on the person involved. A racing game will present an intense piece that is fast paced, in order to compliment the high-speed situation. A documentary on the tragedies in Iran will play slow, soulful music, in order to touch the viewer’s emotions. This concept is a prominent feature in the ever so popular game, “Minecraft“. mnecrafthouse

I shouldn’t have to give you the in-depth description on how this game works, in fact I’d be shocked if you haven’t heard of “Minecraft“. Nonetheless, the soundtrack of this game does an excellent job of leaving an effect on the player, as the structure of the music was designed to make the player feel a sense of comfort. This is the result of the brains of the genius composer, Daniel Rosenfield. Daniel, (a.k.a. C418,) created this soundtrack with this specific idea in mind- to compose the soundtrack with an array of extremely mellow melodies, with each different song progressing differently from one another. Some of these songs are upbeat and positive in nature, and others a bit more inquisitive and somber. It’s easy to tell that he was successful, as each song has a different sound, but yet they all still share the one important trait- they are all innocent, calming pieces, that surround the player in a comforting ambiance.

This laid back sensation- (one that I have personally experienced,) frees the player of the pressures of reality, and with these restraints lifted, allows the player to use the creative zones of their brain a bit more freely. Having the unneeded pressure removed often allows us to see things more clearly, and this game capitalizes on that aspect- and gives you the tools to express your creativity. All of this, from a simple arrangement of notes. Not only is this beneficial to one’s creativity, but it’s also beneficial to one’s health. We are all aware of how dangerous stress is. It has killed hundreds of millions of people for decades, and most of this stress lies from everyday endeavors. Think of how important of a role this game’s soundtrack plays now! “Minecraft’s” popularity has made it extremely easy to access, and now more people can take in the same effect that millions of other players have felt.

Minecraft’s” soundtrack is proof that the music of all forms of media, including video games, can have a major impact on a person’s well being, and can be used to evoke a certain message to the player. This concept has potential to be a major benefit to our society as a whole. Play the game yourself , or look up the soundtrack on YouTube or Spotify.