Top 5 DC Villains


Hiya everyone, Noreen here. This week’s Top 5 is going to be on the Top 5 DC Villains.

DISCLAIMER: Please note this list is purely based on my opinion, and does not represent the opinions of anyone else on UzerFriendly.


Number Five: Poison Ivy


Redheads for the win! The sensual Poison Ivy and her nature-terrorist ways are pretty damn impressive. You’d think that someone who uses plants and other sorts of nature wouldn’t be interesting, but Poison Ivy is. I actually didn’t start liking her until I read Birds of Prey, which includes all of her oh-so-loveliness. You may be wondering; “Why do you like Poison Ivy and not Catwoman? They’re so similar.” I actually do like Catwoman a billion times more that Poison Ivy. The thing is, you’ll notice that Catwoman is becoming less and less villainous. Poison Ivy, on the other hand, is still quite evil. I get to keep the sexual tendencies of Catwoman and the evil awesomeness of Poison Ivy. Her costume is definitely one of the things I love the most about her. As superficial as it sounds, its true. The way that her hair is laced with the vines and the green body suit (her newest costume) she wears just makes you think that she is here to destroy. Its like the plants are consuming her and it just gives off a kickass vibe. Its just so amazing. Unfortunately, she isn’t as interesting as the other characters on this list. So I’m sad to say, that’s all for Poison Ivy. Looks are her best bet when it comes to me liking her.


Number Four: Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

I like Harley, I really do; but it just sucks that liking her and being a female will have people thinking you’re just some girl who wants to fit in. The extreme fan base that she has is well deserved but sometimes it makes it hard. But let’s not talk about the issues I have with Harley and her fanbase. Instead, let’s talk about why I like her character. As nearly everyone knows, Harley didn’t start out in the comics; she was an added character to Batman: The Animated Series. She was adored so much that she was made canon and now we have Harley all over our comics. I never really enjoyed her in the shows, but the comics are a totally different story. The first comic I read of her was in fact The Suicide Squad. I really enjoyed it. How she stands up to Joker and isn’t a lap dog like in the show was something that I really loved. She is madly in love with him but is finished taking his crap. Spoiler Alert: She bites his tongue off and its really kickass. I may not be the biggest Harley fan, but she sure as hell gets my attention and affection.


Number Three: Lex Luthor

lex luthor

Rich evil dude at 12’o clock. Well, he’s more than that, but come on. He’s a bald, rich guy that has a metric ton of evil equipment. I’m going to be honest; I haven’t seen much of Luthor in the comics. I’ve really only seen him in the Justice League shows. But what I have seen, I really, really like. He’s logical, cunning, and just plain badass. Tricking the entire Justice League is not an extremely easy feat, but he did it. Its pretty impressive. I want to learn more about the character, but I feel like the comics won’t be as fun as the shows. But I’m going to give it a shot. He is cunning, and that’s my favorite quality of his. He could have anything he wanted, even without his money. There is just something about Luthor that impresses me. I don’t have too many reasons for why he’s number three, but the reasons I do have make a lot of sense, don’t they?


Number Two: Amanda Waller

amanda waller

Have you ever known someone who thinks the bad thing they’re doing is right? Of course you have, who hasn’t? In the comic world, the person I first think of to have this “issue” is Amanda Waller. If any of you have read The Suicide Squad comics or watched the Justice League cartoons, then you’ll know exactly who I’m talking about. This woman is most likely one of the stronger female characters I’ve seen in the DC universe. Sure, you have Wonder Woman, who is indeed the most high-profile, strong female in comics, but there’s something Wonder Woman is missing. She’s missing the ambition and boldness of Amanda Waller. Waller created the Suicide Squad so she could have dangerous missions completed. She distrusts superheroes because they could hurt the mortals she wants to protect. She is cruel, vicious, and angry, but a woman to be respected. Sure, she’s not the most villainous one on this list, but I appreciate Amanda Waller on such a gigantic level that she just steals the number two spot.


Number One: The Joker


Anyone could have seen this coming. I don’t know many people who downright dislike this character. I’ve never really had a big enjoyment for anything related to Batman (save for Batwoman and Catwoman) but The Joker is truly a well done and interesting character. I first started enjoying the character after watching Batman: The Animated Series. He was humorous but also had moments that made my jaw drop. The shows got me into his character, but what really finished it off was how he is portrayed in the comics. The first comic I read that was based around him was Death of the Family, which is the story arc in which The Joker kills the main Bat-Family. Honestly, it was very good. Not only did I learn about more characters that I wasn’t sure I’d like right away, but I also got to see a lot more of The Joker. Something that I really like is that we really don’t know a lot about his life before he became The Joker. As much as that bothers me, it also intrigues me. There is so much that we don’t know, and that’s half the fun. Keeping the mystery is what I enjoy most. He’s been around for a while and I’m hoping to learn more and more about this wonderfully psychotic character.


Do you have a different opinion? Or maybe just wanna say something? Whatever it is, comment down below. I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

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