Hey everyone, Noreen here for UzerFriendly.com with this weeks Top 5. This week we’re going to talk about the best monthly subscription boxes out there. I know this is a popular thing these days so lets really get down to it and see who is the best of the best. Remember this is all my opinion and doesn’t represent the opinions of others on UzerFriendly. With that out of the way, lets jump right in.

Number Five: PokeCrate
Pokemon is pretty much one of my most favorite thing on the planet. I may not be the biggest fan on the planet but it’s something I really love and I know that there is a whole bunch of you out there that love Pokemon too. With the growing popularity of subscription boxes you’d think that Pokemon should have a box made just for Pokemon. Well if you didn’t know, there is something like that. PokeCrate is a subscription box that is all about Pokemon. I personally would love to order this crate but I’ll have to warn you all, the quality of this box is a little bit underwhelming. I believe that they give their all to make these boxes but the problem is they just aren’t either big enough or have enough things to put in it. I don’t know first hand about the boxes  but I have seen opening videos and frankly, this box is for the biggest Pokemon fans out there, not casual fans who think it’ll be a nice thing to try.

Number Four: Arcade Block
Arcade Block is an off shoot of another subscription box on this list. Arcade Block is for those people who just want video game stuff in there box and nothing else. I actually really want to get this because my main geeky loves are video game series. Sure, I like T.V. shows, books, and comics but video games are my one true love. Looking into this subscription box, I think I’m about to buy it as we speak. The only downside I can see about this box is that it’s $19.99 + $9.50 for shipping making it a little more expensive than a normal subscription box. I honestly think its worth the 30 bucks, but I’d probably want to try out the other box on this list first.

Number Three: Comic Bento
Comic fans unite! Similar to what I said for PokeCrate, comics are something that are really popular and influential in the geek community, you’d wonder why it doesn’t have its own box. Well wonder no more, because there is such a thing. Comic Bento is a box that brings you 60+ dollars worth of comic goodness for only 20 bucks. It’s such an amazing deal I don’t think I can handle it. Now of course, you’re going to get some comics you won’t like but that’s okay. You’re going to most likely read every comic in there just to see what you got so you know you’ll be getting your monies worth. For comic fans and people who just want to get into comics in general, I’d definitely suggest this subscription.
Number Two: Nerd Block
This is the subscription I was talking in number four. Nerd Block is a monthly box of nerdy goodness. Something I like about Nerd Block and its offshoots is that if you check their Facebook page, there’s a lot of giveaways and they communicate with their fans pretty well. This subscription always seems to have a wide variety of geeky goodness in their boxes. Unfortunately, like I said for Arcade Block, the same price applies. The quality in this box is pretty much amazing so the price is very reasonable, it’s just kind of strange for it to not be 20 dollars flat. Honestly, if you’re looking for a subscription to try for your first time, this would definitely be it.
Number One: Loot Crate
Here it is, you all knew this was coming. Sadly, I did have to debate whether this would get number one or number two because frankly, Loot Crate has kind of been lame lately but it never disappoints in quality. It may not have a lot of things my friends and I personally like, but if you like the theme of the month, you’ll differently like what’s inside. My first crate was April’s Dragon crate which gave me stuff from Game of Thrones, Skyrim, and other assorted things I love. When you like the theme, you’re golden. When you don’t, you’re gonna get a little disappointed. But hey, like I said a little back, the quality of these boxes are absolutely amazing. Even if you don’t like it, you’ll be able to appreciate the quality and uniqueness of what you get. Something my friends and I discussed was that you could honestly use what you get in your Loot Crate as gifts. It’s honestly a win-win situation. Loot Crate will always be number one in my eyes, but I’d suggest they think a little more about their themes.

So, what did you guys think? Do you agree with my list? Disagree? Just want to say something? Whatever it is, tell me down in the comment section down below. Thanks for reading!