Top 5 Notoriously Bad Video Games


Hiya everyone, Noreen here. This week’s Top 5 is going to be on the Top 5 Notoriously Bad Video Games. DISCLAIMER: Please note this list is purely based on my opinion, and does not represent the opinions of anyone else on UzerFriendly.

 Number Five: Takeshi’s Challenge

Takeshi's Challege

Now this game is more insanely difficult than bad per-say. Well, actually, if you think about it this game is extremely bad. This is a licensed Nintendo game that has domestic violence and makes it necessary to divorce your wife…no I’m totally serious. This game is notorious for its difficulty which makes it incredibly horrible to play. Remember to get your shamisen lessons, and don’t forget to get the money from the office plant! This game is incredibly laughable, so it does save it from a higher spot but it’s still notorious for it’s dumb difficulty and ridiculous reasoning. And you would think a game with an extremely high difficulty would have a great and mentally rewarding ending…right? Well, spoiler alert, you get a the 16-bit face of Takeshi Kitano saying “Amazing”. No, I am not joking, that is all you get for completing the mind numbing tasks this game throws at you. You do have to give the game so props however, take a risk like this is pretty bold. I respect that.

 Number Four: Bubsy 3D


Some of you may remember Bubsy the Bobcat. Probably not, but I’m sure you have at least heard of him. In the early 90’s we had companies like Nintendo and Sega with mascots such as Mario and Sonic, but what did Accolade have? They had Bubsy, the extremely annoying Bobcat. Now in his 2D era, he wasn’t a complete bother, but he wasn’t that great either. Then came the era of 3D platformers and the transition for Bubsy was a tragic one. A game that looked like what you would show for a pitch and corny jokes were the main focus of this painfully horrid game. Like when Bubsy says this iconically annoying line, “What would a platformer be without platforms?” or something to that extent-I am trying to forget everything I know about this sad excuse for a game. The horrible controls and camera were only a few things that made this game completely bad. I could go on and on about every single detail in this game that is completely and utterly flawed, but I won’t. You’re welcome.

 Number Three: Link: The Faces of Evil

Link The Faces Of Evil

Oh no…do I dare to bring you up? It is for a good cause that I speak of the devil game itself. As many Nintendo fans know, the CD-I had many of our treasured childhood games soiled, the Zelda games being the most popular of them all. Whether it be the horrid voice acting, animation, controls, or its blatant ignorance on Zelda terms and geology, it is a complete failure not only as a Zelda game but as a stand alone as well. The only relatively good thing about this game are the hilariously bad cutscenes. But no amount of laughter inducing cutscenes can save this game from the fandom’s wrath. Like the “Percy Jackson” movies, the fandom prefers to forget this game and the others from the CD-I, but sometimes you need to remember the bad to appreciate the good. This game is not only notoriously bad, but its also just ridiculously dumb difficult. Not difficult in the fun way, difficult in the completely ridiculous way. Dumb difficulty is completely bad and this game in the epitome of dumb difficulty.

 Number Two: Aquaman: Battle For Atlantis

Aquaman Battle For Atlantis

I’ll be totally honest, I did this list for the chance to talk about Aquaman. I mean yeah, negative light but still, light on my favorite hero. Now let me just start this with this…it is hook hand Aquaman! This game, if you can even call it that, is based on everyone’s least favorite incarnation of Aquaman. Who thought this was a good idea? No really, who? TDK Mediactive, thats who. Do we even remember them? Of course not. Let’s just explain a few things. So what do you do in this game? I’ll tell you. You swim around and beat up groups of enemies about a hundred times and maybe take a bomb off a building to only throw it back at the building.  Also, you know the small part of Atlantis that you start off it? Yeah, you never leave it…ever! There is a small exception where you leave it to go in a in a plane sort of vehicle that you used to shoot submarines. It’s not very cool, nor is it physically appealing to the eye. The only impressive thing in this game is Aquaman’s hair; I’m almost sure that more animation went into his hair than the rest of the game. His hair is still utter crap…but you know…there has to be something relatively good about this game, right?

Number One: Superman 64

Superman 64

Excuse me while I go cringe in a corner. “Superman 64“, you failure of a game, you. The barren landscape…and the rings…oh the rings. Because you know, flying through rings will save your friends, Superman, I’m 100% positive that it will. If you can’t sense my sarcasm, go back and read it again. Good? Okay, let’s continue. I could point out the so exquisitely called “Kryptonite Fog” is really just to hide the low draw distance. I mean, it’s smart in theory but in reality it’s just plain dumb. With such a big ticket character like Superman, you would think that the developers would do something great. It’s unfortunate too, I think a free roaming Superman (or really any DC character) game would be extremely fun. Give it exciting missions, the ability to change the world around you, and other amazing things like that. What I’m trying to say here is that they could have done so much more. This game came out after “Mario 64” so there really is no excuse except pure laziness. The lost potential of a barren Metropolis and a glitchy Superman are a true crime. This game earned the number one spot on this list.

Do you have a different opinion? Or maybe just wanna say something? Whatever it is, comment down below. I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

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