Top 5 Smash 4 Characters


Hiya everyone, Noreen here. This week’s Top 5 is going to be on the Top 5 Smash 4 Characters.

DISCLAIMER: Please note this list is purely based on my opinion, and does not represent the opinions of anyone else on UzerFriendly.

Number Five: King DeeDeeDee


Ah, my love of King DeeDeeDee is so strong. I used to hate playing him because of how slow he was- slow isn’t my specialty- but once “Smash 4” came out I noticed that they sped him up and made his attacks slightly weaker to compensate. I enjoy DeeDeeDee because he just looks so whimsical. Its like, you don’t have to be scary and ugly to be a villain. DeeDeeDee is just as loveable appearance wise as Kirby is. But enough about looks, back to his skills. Still more powerful than most light weight characters, yet not as heavy as Bowser. It’s a nice middle ground. DeeDeeDee is far from being the best character on the roster, but he sure as hell gets the job done when it comes to heavy characters.

Number Four: Greninja


I can see the disagreeing in the comments already. I like Greninja, I really do, but he isn’t the best character. Not by a long shot. That doesn’t mean that he isn’t good, though. I can appreciate Greninja for what he is: a quick and relatively powerful character. I can’t count how many times I’ve been wrecked by a Greninja, so I honestly I have no reason to not see the power that’s within this character. I’m always impressed when I see a Greninja online, although I wish he was used just a little less, because I know that I’m in for a good fight. It’s more often than not when I face a Greninja I get a good and solid challenge. That’s what I like about the character. Sure he’s overused sometimes, but I can get over that. I’m not a fan of using him, but I sure love to face him.

Number Three: Duck Hunt Dog


Ugh…Duck Hunt Dog…I dislike you so much. As much as I hate to admit it, Duck Hunt Dog is a very good character. Too good, really. Duck Hunt is such a tank that I can’t honestly stand it. The second I see a Duck Hunt Dog online, I get angry because of the fact I know I’m gonna have to deal with it. Even when the computer is playing as Duck Hunt, it’s still something to be feared. When I was trying to unlock him it took me about seven tries before I got him. I might be a little bitter. But my dislike for this damn dog aside, Duck Hunt Dog is an extremely good character that is force to be reckoned with.

Number Two: Wii Fit Trainer


Yup, we all thought that she/he would suck. No one lie. We all did. I honestly didn’t believe she/he was any good until the middle of last week. But after some convincing and using her/him for a little, I began to appreciate a little bit more. One of the main reasons Wii Fit Trainer gets so high on the list for me is because of the fact we just under-hyped the character, thinking of it as more or less trash. But the second we actually used her/him, we saw that she/he was a powerful, powerful fighter. I’m usually the fan of the underdog, but this time it just took me a little longer to see than usual.

Number One: Zero Suit Samus


Ever since “Brawl” I have adored using Samus purely for her Zero Suit form. Unfortunately in “Brawl” you could only use Zero Suit if you got the Smash Ball and actually executed your Final Smash. If the Smash Ball was turned off or you were just very unlucky, you were stuck with regular Samus. Now don’t get me wrong. I enjoy Samus, but Zero Suit is a million times better. In “Smash 4“, Zero Suit is the master of aerial combos. Once you’re up in the air, you are completely and utterly done. Comboed into oblivion. Zero Suit is perfect for me and many other people because of the fact she’s fast and can hit pretty damn hard. She’s the best of both worlds and I absolutely love it. You may think I have Zero Suit as number one because she’s my main, but actually it’s the complete opposite. Zero Suit is my main because she is number one.


Do you have a different opinion? Or maybe just wanna say something? Whatever it is, comment down below. I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

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