Top 5 Starter Pokemon Lines


Hiya everyone, Noreen here with the Top 5 Starter Pokemon Lines. This list is based off of many things, like personal experiences with the Pokemon, their design, how they fare in battle, and other things of the sort. Also remember, this is all my opinion. If you have a different list feel free to tell me in the comments.

Number Five: Snivy/Servine/Serperior

Snivy Line

Oh, Snivy, the anime saved you this time. You were first seen stealing cake, and everybody loves cake. In the anime, Ash’s Snivy is a totally mysterious and graceful thing. This is something I expected from a Snivy, considering it looks so snooty. Speaking of looks, I really do like the Snivy line’s design. Though as much as I like the idea of some royal serpent, I really just love Snivy, instead of its evolutions. Something about it just looks much cooler than its evolutions…maybe it’s the arms. Anyways, Serperior is nothing to write home about: speedy, but other grass types can do it better. More of my love for the line is from design and anime appearances. Though it does have some good TM’s, it can learn, even being able to learn Dragon Tail. Which makes me wonder why Serperior isn’t part dragon type…it would work, don’t you think?

Number Four: Cyndaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion

Cyndaquil Line

Cyndaquil is my starter everytime I play a Johto game. That might be because I think Silver must always have a Totodile, but that’s besides the point. Out of the three starters of the Johto region, I know Cyndaquil the best. Usually, with me, the whole playthrough (unless its a nuzlocke) I always can count on. The design of the Cyndaquil line is absolutely amazing. It’s one of the few starter lines that doesn’t have a derpy first evolution. Every single evolution is absolutely huggable, which is a total necessity for me, but the power of Typhlosion is something else. Yes, there isn’t really anything too special about Typhlosion’s stats, but if trained right, it can be the powerhouse of a team. In the amine, Cyndaquil was a total baby, having to wait a while for the flame on its back to light before any fire type attacks could be done. And it was very lazy, like me, so I feel for Ash’s Cyndaquil on a personal level. I have a pure love for fire types, so its not a surprise that Cyndaquil was on this list.

Number Three: Torchic/Combusken/Blaziken

It’s actually surprising that this line isn’t number one. Torchic was my very first Pokemon, as well as  the first plushie I ever picked out myself. I have a lot of nostalgia and love for Torchic, not as much for Combusken and Blaziken, because I remember the first time I played a Pokemon game, I restated because Torchic was weak to the first gym so I needed Mudkip. Anyways, the Torchic line is one of the more cool looking of all the lines, also being the first of the starters to be fire-fighting. Obviously I have a lot of personal experience with the Pokemon, it was my favorite for a long time only because of the nostalgia but taking a better look at it, I’ve noticed that nostalgia shouldn’t be the defining factor. Still, the line is amazing, and the only one on the list to get a mega evolution. In the anime, May’s Torchic is very playful and curious, but grows into a very confident and powerful Pokemon which was some very nice character development for a being that can’t really talk. When it comes to battling, Blaziken is a powerhouse, a true powerhouse. A base Special Attack of 110 and Speed of 80? That’s a lot to compete with. And with the mega evolution, you get a base Special Attack of 130 and a base Speed of 100. That is something to fear if you aren’t prepared. There’s not much to say about the line except for the fact that even if I take away the nostalgia it truly is an amazing line.

Number Two: Froakie/Frogadier/Greninja

Frokie Line

I am not the biggest fan of the Froakie line, it’s a very good line, but I seldom like the water type starters. But the Froakie line is extremely good and very well designed. Remembering how when the starters were released for X and Y, not many people were crazy for Froakie, but after seeing the sleek power of Greninja, everyone went in a frenzy. It’s understandable, the entire line is pretty great. The base speed of 122 is something amazing, being able to outspeed many other Pokemon. I don’t have much experience with any of the line considering I’m not a huge fan of water types, but I have seen Greninja on the field more than once and let me tell you, Greninja is something to be feared if you know how to play competitively. My real interest in the line really came from the anime, Ash’s Froakie is very stubborn and picky, also very brash. I really enjoy seeing Froakie in the anime, considering it’s not how I imagine a Froakie would act. Design wise, I really didn’t like it until Greninja was shown. I mean, that tongue scarf though. Greninja is extremely sleek and one of the most different water starters, most of the time the water starters are bulky in both looks and stats, but Greninja is pure speed in both stats and appearance. That’s something I really like, I’ve always liked speedy Pokemon and Greninja is just that.

Number One: Tepig/Pignite/Emboar

Tepig Line

In my first run of “Pokemon White“, I chose Tepig, but unfortunately at the time I thought that the entire fifth gen was utterly lame, which had me breezing through the game, not caring about any Pokemon I saw or used. It took a long time before I ever used the Tepig line again. But about seven months after “Black2/White2” came out, I eventually decided to get the game and play through again with Tepig. As I played, I noticed how completely adorable the little dude was and I kept him with me the entire game. Let me tell you, the pure power of the Tepig line is complete horror.  It has a great move pool just from level up, and it can learn amazing TM’s to make it a major threat. With a base attack of 123, you have to worry about the damage Emboar can do. And let me just talk about design for a second. Tepig is the cutest little Pokemon, adorable pig is adorable. Pignite is just a little bit derpy but it’s all worth it when you get the powerhouse that is Emboar. I mean come on, look at him! He is the epitome of tough and power and did you see, BEARD OF FIRE! I have to be a little biased because I think pigs are the best animals ever but you know, the power of fire types.
Do you have a different opinion? Or maybe just wanna say something? Whatever it is, comment down below. I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!