Hiya everyone, Noreen here. This week’s Top 5 is going to be on the Top 5 Video Games To Have On A Deserted Island. DISCLAIMER: Please note this list is purely based on my opinion, and does not represent the opinions of anyone else on UzerFriendly.


Number Five: “Ultra Street Fighter IV”


You’re going to need a fighting game on this list; it is just necessary. Not only will it be great for letting off steam, but also just plain fun. You’ll be able to learn the combos for a lot of the characters with the time you’ll have. By the time you get off the island, you’ll be a pro for sure. Really, this game is here for pure mastery only. Why did I pick “Street Fighter”, though? It’s simple, really. I just like “Street Fighter”. Though this spot could be replaced by any fighting game, I still believe that Street Fighter really deserves the spot just because of seniority. The only reason that this game is so low on the list is just the fact that it can get tedious. But just think of all the people you’ll wreck with your sick skills when you get online.


Number Four: “The Sims”


It doesn’t matter what installment of this iconic game series you pick; all that matters is that you’ll be able to enjoy the menial and boring tasks of normal everyday life without ever leaving your island. Still being tied down to having a job, raising a family, making sure your house doesn’t burn down, etc., gives you a sense of normalcy which will make your long stay on your little deserted island a lot more tolerable. You can even make friends…I mean literally make friends. All of those people back in civilization, you can just make them in your game. Same difference, right? Well, not really, but it is the best you can get on the island. “The Sims” is pretty much your escape to the life you used to have back home. Or you could make your life great with cheats, which pretty much everyone does.


Number Three: “Portal 2”


To keep your mind from going to mush, you’ll definitely need a game that challenges you. Now, this game doesn’t have too good of a replayability value, but it will still be good for challenging your mind. Also, its “Portal 2”; its just such a good game. You may be wondering why I picked the second one over the first one. Honestly, its just because I played the second game first…no, really, that’s why. Anyways, getting back on topic, not only does this game keep you active mentally, but it also is extremely entertaining. The sense of accomplishment you get from figuring out the puzzles is very rewarding as well. This game is a whole bunch of positive things. So why not bring it along? I feel as if it’ll do it’s job well.


Number Two: “World of Warcraft”


I just recently got into “World of Warcraft”, mainly because my friends started playing again. Jokes aside, this game can definitely melt the hours away and feel rewarding while doing it. Its an MMO, so you have online friends to converse with if you so desire. Also, the time you have on the island will be great for learning the lure and trying out different kinds of characters. The new expansion is coming out soon as well, making it even more appealing. A whole new expansion means more things to do and enjoy. Even the base game itself could have entertained you enough alone, but nowadays this game has huge replayability, fun, and a pretty good story for you to enjoy. Trust me, this game will be worth taking up a spot on the list.


Number One: “Pokemon”


Okay, I’m a little biased on this one. I love the whole “Pokemon” series, and I feel as if I could play it forever if I had to. Sure, the story might get a little boring once and a while, but the core mechanics are completely and utterly great. You could perfectly train and breed the best Pokemon possible. You could do Nuzlocke runs, which are always fun, and a lot more. With 712 Pokemon out now, you’ll have quite the time catching them all. Sure, there are a lot of games out there that could fill the same things “Pokemon” does, but somehow in my mind “Pokemon” is the only game that will fit the bill. The hours that would be poured into this game would be fun and well worth it. With Pokemon-Amie it will almost be like having pets, too, so you’ll have the companionship. Its completely obvious that “Pokemon” would be the number one game to have on a deserted island.

Do you have a different opinion? Or maybe just wanna say something? Whatever it is, comment down below. I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

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