10 Most Underrated Animal Crossing Villagers

A screenshot from Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Now that we’ve enjoyed a whole year’s worth of experience and memories with Animal Crossing New Horizons, I’ve had the pleasure of having villagers on my island that I may not have given the chance in prior Animal Crossing games, as well as reuniting with some that I missed dearly. Yet with nearly 400 villagers available to invite to our islands, we often see the same 10 or 20 trending online. I’m guilty of this myself as an avid Sherb and Judy fan, and while there’s nothing wrong with loving popular villagers, I want to take the time to highlight a few villagers (some whom I’ve become rather attached to) who deserve some of the spotlight. Here are my top 10 underrated villagers that deserve a chance to be on your island!

10. Bruce

I always find the cranky villagers to be lovable in their own way, and this deer is no exception. While many cranky villagers fit the vibe of older and wiser figure, Bruce’s aesthetic fits the anime character archetype of the delinquent who’s actually a huge softie. His house’s interior and exterior, along with his taste in apparel, work incredibly well if you’re looking to try a citycore theme with your island.

9. Teddy

How can I not put my town’s residential himbo on this list? Teddy is absolutely no thoughts, head empty, but with a heart of gold. It’s nice to see a jock character wearing a cute outfit for a change, too. His house’s interior and exterior also have a lot of potential for a cottagecore, nature-themed island. You won’t have to worry about a gym membership with Teddy as the island’s designated fitness instructor.

8. Clay

I honestly think that Clay gets a lot more hate then he truly deserves, especially comsidering his clever theme! I believe this lackadaisical hamster’s design was based off of the Japanese terracotta figures of the Haniwa warriors. The theme’s cohesion extends to his house, with furniture pieces like fossils, stones and clay pots. It makes me wonder if this little guy is actually a spirit bringing a Haniwa figure to life!

7. Colton

For all the anime fans reading this, I need you to look me dead in the eyes and tell me that this isn’t Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club as an Animal Crossing character. I found the concept of the prince’s steed as a smug character quite charming. With a love for all things elegant, this pompous yet endearing horse has found a permanent spot on my island.

6. Gayle

Whoever said alligators aren’t cute clearly never seen this pink one with a heart on her snoot before. This adorable and polite gator loves all things cute with a preference for pink and white color palette. Also, her starter outfit in New Horizons is a lolita inspired dress, so you know she is a gator with good taste.

5. Bea

While I understand that Merengue is a very popular choice for an island’s residential patissier, this sweet pupper is not to be overlooked! Her entire home’s interior, much like her return in New Leaf, is a chef’s dream, leaving me no choice but to spend hours making a café for her on my island! If you’re more of a fan of beige and neutral color palettes when designing an island, consider giving this doggo a happy home.

4. Reneigh

Reneigh is absolutely the cool kid in high school that doesn’t have to try hard to be cool because she’s just that likable. Not only is she fashionable, but her sisterly personality makes her so down-to-earth that you can’t help but want to sit at her table at lunch. If she sees you getting picked on, you can rest easy knowing that their butts are getting thoroughly kicked (watch out cranky villagers).

3. Ketchup

While I may hate the condiment, my appreciation for this quacking cutie pie overcomes that bias. I personally love when they stick to a food theme for villagers and execute it well! A peppy villager may be the life of the party, but this vibrant duck would always make sure to bring food to the occasion, too. Ketchup’s home would make for the best pizzeria on your island, an easy five-star review. You can trust my taste in pizza, too, since I’m a New Yorker.

2. Bluebear

While I may be a little biased since she is my birthday buddy, Bluebear more than deserves to have a spot on my list. If you can look at this cute face and tell me you don’t want to snuggle and cuddle her, I may have to question your life choices. I never minded sharing my birthday with her in New Leaf because her cheery and energetic personality brings enough party for both of us to share. Also, how cute would it be to have the stuffed bears by her pastel blue house and have a teddy bear picnic?! The possibilities for cuteness are endless with this adorable cub!

1. Bones

I felt very nostalgic reuniting with Bones after we were sadly separated when I left my Wild World town behind. Eleven-year-old Emi may have written him a love letter or two back in the day, but that’s neither here nor there. Then, imagine getting slapped in the face TWICE by nostalgia when I saw just how much this doggo reminded me of Wishbone from the PBS show Wishbone I used to watch growing up! The old library aesthetic of his house’s interior makes me wonder if Bones might actually be Wishbone, but that’s a theory for another day.

Who’s your favorite Animal Crossing villager that you feel doesn’t get as much love as they deserve? Let us know in the comments below!