Apple Announces OSX Update, “Yosemite”


handoffApple has officially announced their new update to OS  X, Yosemite, at its WWDC event. Developers and the sort will get to mess with the new OS X update today while the general public have to wait till the fall

The new update features “a flatter design, SMS and calling intergration, boosts to Mail, and a host of other changes” according to TechCrunch

You’ll be able to work seamlessly from your iOS device to your Computer and vice-versa with the new “Handoff” feature. There will be a button on either device in the corner that, after a swipe, will transfer your work from iOS to iMac or iMac to iOS immediately. Pretty cool.

Other than that, there aren’t any really big changes to the OS. The wireless transfer seems kind of cool and kind of makes me wish there was an easier way to transfer my work from Windows 8 to Android. The funny thing about the conference was Tim Cook said that 40 million copies of Mac OS X Mavericks were installed since its debut while Windows 8 has only seen a 14 percent install base since its launch. You can’t compare a number to a percent. I could have 40,000,000 apples and you could have 14% of all the apples in the world, but no one would know who had more. Pretty slick play though.

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Source: (TechCrunch)