This Week’s News #1 (March 8th – March 15th)


Hello, and welcome to! We’re your one stop source for news on all things in geek culture! Here’s a rundown of all the things that’s happened this week in geek culture!


Lumiose City from Pokemon X and Y has been confirmed by Sakurai to be in the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros 4!

Pikachu is the official mascot of Japan in the World Cup Brazil 2014

Dark Souls 2, Titanfall, and Yoshi’s New Island all released week! A review of Yoshi’s New Island will be up Sunday, March 16th.

Witcher 3 Delayed until February 2015


CBS renews the Big Bang Theory for 3 more seasons.

U.S President Barack Obama goes on Between Two Ferns with Zack Galifinakis to advertise new Health Care Reform.

The Flash gets a new reboot on the CW. Costume revealed.


Popcorn Time, a new application that turns torrenting into a Netflix-esque experience. Sources say they “Don’t expect legal issues” because of a dialogue box that states “Popcorn Time downloads and seeds movies using torrents, which may not be legal in your country… we are not responsible for any problems that may arise.”

UPDATE:: Popcorn Time is now dead 4 days after launch.

Sony reveals next gen Blu-Ray disc! New disc holds 1TB of memory.

Google Text-To-Speech gets an update. It can now read aloud e-Books.

Starbucks will let you tip your Barista from your iPhone.