Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)



Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

The way things are in anime today, it seems as though they are all the same. In fact, it is very difficult to find an action packed anime that’s really good. Many times the action animes are either feature a girl love interest or the action revolves around the concept of sex. However, I’m here to bring you good news! Attack on Titan- also known as Shingeki no Kyojin- has quickly become one of the most viewed and watched animes out there.

The anime takes place in a world where humanity is under attack by giants called Titans. A hundred years before the story takes place, the Titans unexpectedly appeared, and almost wiped out humanity. They took to eating humans without any intention or reason. After the attack, humanity resorted to living in one country surrounded by  three enormous concentric walls. The walls names are Wall Maria (outermost wall), Wall Rose (middle), and finally Wall Sina (which is the innermost wall). For a hundred years humanity lived within these walls without the threat of any Titans. Yet that all changes, when one day a 200 feet tall Titan- called the Colossus Titan- appears and destroys Wall Maria. The destruction of the wall allows smaller, but still dangerous Titans to enter the country and attack. Those who lived behind the first wall are forced to flee, and abandon their lives to try to get inside the inner walls. However, the mass influx of people within the other two walls causes famine and poverty. The story follows three children who survived the attack:  Eren Yeager, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman, and their friend Armin Arlert. After Eren watches his mother get ripped in half by a Titan (he goes a little crazy) and swears to kill every Titan in the entire world- good luck Eren. The three friends join a training group that specializes in teaching people how to fight Titans. After a lot of hard work and training, Eren and his friends are selected to join the Survey Corps (a group of special people who go outside the walls to find and defeat Titans). That is really all I can say without giving away a ton of spoilers, but there are many cliffhangers and interesting plot twists that I found enjoyable. The manga came out in April of 2012 and was then turned into an anime the following April. The manga and anime are similar, but not the identical. The manga is quickly being translated into English so if you would prefer to read rather than watch there is always that option. The Japanese voice acting for this anime is phenomenal and (as usual) I suggest you don’t ruin the series by watching it with the English dub.


I do have to say that if you do not like blood, or death this is probably the worst anime for you. Screaming, gasps, blood spewing out of open wounds, people being smashed against walls, and blood raining down on people- the artists really captured the cruelty, and pain of being ripped apart by a giant humanoid. However, if you do not mind that kind of stuff then you will appreciate this anime a whole lot more! I personally do not like blood, but the story was so interesting and creative I couldn’t help but become addicted to watching it. Despite my best efforts to not get attached to any of the characters (because they tend to kill off the best ones) I fell in love with each of them which sucked. It makes it that much more difficult to watch. There is a little cursing, and since this isn’t really a time or place for romance, there is nothing perverted or x- rated to get upset about. It was a highly good anime overall. There are a lot of values versus government type decisions that have to be made. There is a ton of mystery, suspense, and a whole boatload of heart break. Out of all the characters I relate most to Armin because all though he is not physically good at fighting Titans, he is a leader and very good at strategizing. I don’t care all that much for Eren; at times I feel like the stuff he says and does things in a really illogical manner. He is a character that is just so full of hate and revenge it leaks out of every cell in his body. It’s almost painful to see him upset. Just like all the other people who have watched this anime, I would say that it is quickly becoming a classic and something that many people will come to watch and enjoy! Happy watching minna!


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