Book Review: Invincible


Hiya, everyone! Noreen here with a book review on “Invincible” by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

“Invincible” is the second book in the “Chronicles of Nick” series, which honestly saves this book from my confused wrath. I originally read through this book absolutely blind and thought that the book had no explanations whatsoever.

In this series, you have shape-shifters and demons, but you really don’t divulge too deep into the shape-shifters in this book. I personally would have loved to learn more about them, seeing as they’re not that common of a paranormal entity in teen fiction. Though, the shape-shifters of this universe are more of  were-creatures than anything else. I mean, yes, that would technically count as shape-shifting, but somehow I can’t think of them as such.

Our main character, Nick, is a “normal” fourteen year old boy who just so happens to be very special- no surprise there. I really think that Nick, in all honesty, is extremely boring. He has his moments of humor and interest, but in all reality he just is a snore to read most of the time. Something I like about the character, however, is the fact that he is very generous to those around him. Nick and his mother are very poor, and having pocket money is a rarity. Even so, after being a total gentleman and buying Nekoda, better known as Kody, lunch, he still drops the rest of it into a trombone player’s case. Even being so badly-off he still gives to others. That’s something I found incredibly sweet. As far as I know, you never really meet with the trombone player again. This may have just been to better Nick as a character, but it still was a sweet touch.

As per usual, I find the secondary characters much more interesting than the main ones. One man, named Bubba, is most likely my favorite character out of the whole book. Not only is he a total bash to stereotypes in the best way, but he’s also very interesting. Bubba is character who you would take one look and think “redneck”, but really is anything but. He is graduate from MIT and a sucker for Oprah and foreign movies which totally clashes with his physical appearance. I really like how Kenyon did this; I’m all for not looking at someone’s physical appearance to assume who they are.  Bubba is a very well thought out and interesting character that I have to give Kenyon props for.

The antagonist of this book seemed more real than most of the evil I read about in paranormal teen fiction. He actually seems to have emotions and a fear about what’s going to happen to him if his plans fail. I don’t see that very often; most antagonists I see are extremely self confident and just assume that their plans will happen to work out. This is extremely refreshing and frankly, ups the story as a whole.

I’ve only been mentioning characters at this point, so let me get into plot.  The plot of this book is average at the least. For once, I don’t feel the romantic sub-plot is being shoved down my throat. They are really trying to get Nick’s progression across and I like that a lot. If I wanted fluff I have many books to choose from that can give me fluff. When I read something like this, I’m looking forward to some action or suspense, and this book delivers.

Overall, this book is actually pretty good. Me screwing up and reading the second entry in the series aside, I really did enjoy reading “Invincible“. I felt for the characters and actually was excited to figure out what was going to happen next. If you’re looking for a story with well-rounded secondary charterers, then look no further. Although I would suggest reading the first book in the series, “Infinity” before hand.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s book review. If you’ve read the book or you just have something to say, comment it down below, just be sure to mark your spoilers. Thanks for reading!