Book Review: The Giver


Hiya, everyone! Noreen here with a book review on “The Giver” by Lois Lowry.

Since the movie came out, I’ve decided to re-read this book on my own will, as I was forced to read it during 8th grade. At the time, I disliked reading with a passion. Now, I have a more open view when it comes to books, so I did enjoy reading it again.

I’m just going to say woohoo for futuristic insanely controlled by the government worlds because they always seem to give a good book. Lowry executed this kind of world perfectly. The loss of pain, hunger, war, and even the colors of the world truly shows how sheltered and caged these people truly are. The government even chooses your job and spouse. The whole world is almost void of all free-will.

When I was reading, I couldn’t help the thought in the back of my head that screamed “What if this happens? What if we truly become this controlled?” Of course it seems near impossible. However, weirder things have happened. It’s something to think about.

Lately. it’s been getting harder and harder to actually find a book I truly enjoy reading, but “The Giver” comes closer than any other book I’ve ever read. When I was forced to read it, I disliked it. But once I actually sat down and really got into it, I barely put it down.

The feeling of caring about someone is strong at points in this book, especially The Giver and Jonas, and Jonas and Gabriel. When you live in a society lacking any true love or will, it must be great to actually have someone you want to care for and protect.

Something that really was thought provoking was the concept of “releasing”, which you eventually find out is death. The elderly and babies who don’t advance fast enough are released.It’s really the government getting rid of the weakest link. It’s absolutely horrifying to think of. Just because a baby can’t do something right away, it’s decided to be sent to death. In what world would that be the correct thing to do?

It’s a fantastic concept. Our lives becoming dry and the same as everyone else’s. It’s hard to imagine how someone could live without pain, hunger, war, love, and joy. They take away the bad, but take away the good along with it. It would seem like a great idea, no more war or sadness but if you would have to give up all the good things that make us human would it really be worth it? It’s extremely interesting to think about. Could any of you truly live without the ability to have free will?

Overall, this book the best books I’ve read. Lowrey knew what she was doing when she wrote this. She knew exactly how to make you care about her characters. Every moment is very well described. I love a story that flows and this story does in the best way. If you haven’t been made to read this book yet, read it. It’s really fantastic if you take the time to actually focus on it. And if you were like me and didn’t pay attention, go back and read for God’s sake.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s book review. If you’ve read the book or you just have something to say, comment it down below (just be sure to mark your spoilers). Thanks for reading!


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