Chili’s New Ziosk Tech



Hey there Uzers! Josh here with a spur-of-the-moment tech article. As I’m sure you guys have noticed, many restaurants and businesses like to use new technology in an attempt to obtain popularity and increase profit. If you look back at our first podcast, we talked a bit about a new app on the iPhone where you could tip your server from your phone. I personally thought this was an interesting little idea, but I didn’t really see it becoming a big concept anytime soon. I was a bit off. I went out to eat with my mother yesterday, and we went to Chili’s. As we were being walked to our table, I saw what looked like iPads in stands on the tables. I saw they were on every table and when we sat down, I looked at them more closely and realized that they were small, touchpad based computers.

Ziosk (2)
Picture I took of the Ziosk Tablet

I had never seen these things before, nor had I ever heard of them. They are called Ziosk tablets, made by Ziosk. They allow you to order, pay your check, and play games right there at your table. I thought it was odd, so my mother and I ordered from our waitress as we normally would. I spent time looking at it and thinking about it. It seemed like it could steal jobs, but it seems that these things are here to help you and the employees, rather than make waiters and waitresses obsolete. When ordering dessert, I decided to try the Ziosk. It was very quick and convenient, and the order was made with no problem. I was very interested in this concept, and the best part was paying. We had to leave soon and our waitress hadn’t come by, so my mother said “Let’s use the tablet thing”, and I agreed. Each Ziosk tablet has a card swiper on the right side that you slid your credit card through. The transaction is quick and easy. I was surprised at the speed of it and how user friendly the device was. (Pun intended.)

Personally, I really like the idea that you can pay and leave as soon as you are ready, and I think a device like this is very handy. What do you guys think? Is something like this a really good idea or does it seem like it could have negative effects? Let me know in the comments.