Disney to Acquire “Maker Studios”, the Leading Network in YouTube Content


TWDC-generalDisney has announced that they will be acquiring the leading network on YouTube, Maker Studios. This is a huge deal if you know anything about YouTube. They own over 55,000 channels with over 380 million subscribers. People like theJWittz and PewDiePie are under their name. This is one big step for Disney, and one giant step in the revolution of online entertainment. Does this mean that we will see more Disney movies hit YouTube?  Or maybe that we’ll get movies and shorts specifically for YouTube. Not only that, the YouTubers will have access to an infinitely better group of lawyers and businessmen to get around YouTube’s copyright policies. Personally, I’m excited to see where this leads. This could mean that more companies will take the leap into the digital age of video and that’s enough for me. Tell us what you think! Will it be noticeable or do you think it won’t change anything? Tell us in the comments below.