Embracing the VR Experience in Online Gaming


There will always be mixed reviews when talking about some new form of technology that has the potential to be groundbreaking, even radical. VR, or virtual reality, falls under this category. It seems like it’s the new medium in today’s world, which is why it evokes as much doubts as it does admiration.

Some look at the whole VR concept as the fruition of a science-fiction story previously seen on the silver screen. Others cringe, while a variety of people celebrate, the idea of adding facets such as online gaming into the equation.man-1418842__180

It can be said that if there’s room for online casino platforms in the virtual reality world, then many different – from strict regulatory commissioners to highbrow gaming critics – challenges will present itself. Indeed, there have been a few developments here and there; most of them (hopefully) follow the jurisdictions and rules of various governing bodies. However, is VR really the way to go when it comes to the wild, crazy, and unpredictable subject of online gaming? Is it practical for an Average Joe to immerse themselves in a virtual world? Will it be worth it to shell out a couple of hundred dollars more just to get a fill of “the experience?”

When it comes to online games such as first-person-shooters like the Call of Duty franchise or sandbox titles similar to Grand Theft Auto, there’s that fine yet visible line between usefulness and lavishness. In essence, it really does heighten the feel of shooting zombies, slashing monsters, and saving damsels in distress in a digital format.

On the flipside, talking about online casinos is still up for debate to this day. Today, there have been serious developments in the industry where live dealers for classic games such as roulette, baccarat, and poker have been incorporated into the best platforms on the market and these present an equally satisfying “experience” without going overboard for users. Yes, VR does change the face, the dynamics of online gaming in a lot of ways, but at the end of it all, it still has to complement – or at the very least match – specific platforms.

Without doubt, virtual reality does go well with video games. Of course there are particular restrictions gamers have to follow in regards to health and wellness. On the other hand, in terms of its venture into online casinos, one can argue that players would rather visit a physical establishment rather than the VR world, which is also why live dealer features have been well received albeit not completely took off as yet. It presents practicality without losing touch of the true feeling of playing and being in the moment. More importantly, unlike virtual reality, online gamers don’t have to invest in hundreds – maybe thousands – of dollars extra just to get that “experience.”

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by Blake Miller