Examining Magical Girl Raising Project By Way of Akame ga Kill!


Yeah I’m still talking about Magical Girls I guess, this time it’s Magical Girl Raising Project (Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku) a series I’ve done a few videos about in the past. It’s pretty comparable in structure to that Akame ga Kill!, so let’s take a look at MGRP through the lens of what it did and didn’t do right based against Akame ga Kill!

Magical Girl Raising Project is owned by Lerche, Kadokawa, Hashimoto Hiroyuki and Asari Endou. No current official license exists as of March 18th 2017.

Akame ga Kill! is owned by White Fox, Sentai Filmworks, Tomoki Kobayashi, Makoto Uezu and Takahiro.

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Songs used:
“Tsuwamono” – Taku Iwasaki (from Akame ga Kill!)
“Battle Theme” – Takanori Arisawa (from Sailor Moon)
” プライドを賭けて” – Takurou Iga (from Magical Girl Raising Project)
“Konna Sekai, Shiritaku Nakatta” – Miku Sawai (from Akame ga Kill!)

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Examining Magical Girl Raising Project By Way of Akame ga Kill! by The Art of Anime – March 18, 2017