Fox Releases First Official “Gotham” Trailer


Fox has finally released the first trailer for their upcoming cop drama, “Gotham” You can catch the trailer below:

The show looks a bit more interesting than it sounds. Seeing the back story to all these Gotham villains will be kind of cool, but I think Fox is missing the point. Batman isn’t cool because of his backstory. That’s exactly what the series lacks. He’s cool because of the way he handles thing, the people that he meets, the villains that he faces off against and how he defeats them. If you notice with any series regarding Batman, it starts off after Bruce gets back from all of his training. But they might be able to get away with it because the story centers Jim, not Bruce.

Let’s face it, Officer Gordon isn’t Batman. This show will probably get a huge spike for the first few episodes, then die off like the rest of Fox’s shows. Officer Gordon doesn’t have the same amount of influence as Batman does, not to mention he has nothing to do with the Justice League. “Arrow” is good because we get to see other League members like Black Canary and Huntress. “Young Justice” was good for the same reasons. This feels like a total flop. And let’s take a second to recognize that the Joker won’t be in this show either. He can’t be, because Bruce is the reason that the Joker becomes, well, the Joker. So we’re having 2nd rate villains on a 2nd rate cop show. Once again, this is my personal opinion. So who knows what might happen. Maybe Fox will prove me wrong and make this show better than “Arrow”, but I strongly doubt it. What do you guys think? Tell us in the comments below!