Humble “Fight for Racial Justice” Bundle: Amazing Value for an Amazing Cause


Following the wildly successful “Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality,” Humble Bundle has decided to put up the “Fight for Racial Justice” bundle to raise money for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Race Forward and The Bail Project. Over $1,200 in video games, books and comics are up for grabs for $30, with proceeds going to those charities. And, you can pledge additional money on top of that to support these causes even further.

You get DRM-free versions of classic indie hits like “Spelunky”, “FTL: Faster than Light” and “Baba Is You”. You also get Steam Keys for those, as well as for AAA Games like “Bioshock Remastered” and “Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing”. You get books that focus on Black experiences and amazing comics written by Black creators, such as the critically acclaimed “Prince of Cats.”

Baba Is You ©Hempuli

I really cannot emphasize how amazing this bundle is, nor how important it is for us to support the charities that are fighting this battle against the racial injustices and the abuses of power that are so prevalent in this country. Please take advantage of this deal and help them out. They’ve already raised over half a million, and you can help push them far beyond that.