I Heard It Through the GrapeVine


Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s “I Heard It Through the GrapeVine!” This is a short segment where I, Thomas, will show you a video that I have found from across the web. Enjoy!

This weeks video is an animated picture by YouTuber, “Jonny Lawerence”. It’s a drawn picture battle between a hand and a drawing, entitled “Maker vs. Marker”. I know that these kind of videos have been made before, but I really tend to enjoy them. I hope you guys do as well. It’s really nice to see the talent and drawing style of others put into such an awesome animated short. There are a lot of “Dragon Ball Z” type moves he throws in there; from “Kamehameha” to aerial battles. Thanks for viewing and I can’t wait to see you back next week for more “I Heard It Through the GrapeVine!”.