“Michael Jackson’s Return?”


To answer your question to the title: No. Unfortunately, the late Pop icon has not returned to us, but the next best thing has occurred.MJ-Xscape-STANDARD-Digital-Packshot[2]


A new Michael Jackson album, titled, “Xscape,” is due for release on May 13th, 2014. This album will feature 8 never before heard Michael Jackson tracks, that were recorded before his untimely death in late 2009. According to sources, Mr. Jackson’s work has been slightly altered in the album’s completion, but Columbia Epic Records Chairman L.A. Reid believes that the producers have, “the gravitas, depth and range to creatively engage with Jackson’s work.” One of these producers, who has been considered the head honcho in the production of this album, is none other than the legendary Timbaland. This album will show off Michael’s attempt at capturing a sound that stayed current, and refreshing to his listeners.

So what do you all think? Are you excited to hear a few new fresh M.J. tracks? Are you concerned over the production of this album? Let us know your feedback!

See you soon!