Music Recommendation Sunday: Dragonland


DragonlandHave you ever wanted to listen to a band that makes music that will give you a confidence boost? Something that you can listen to and go “Yeah, I’m a badass.” Dragonland is that band. Dragonland is a symphonic power metal band from Sweden. The band formed in 1999 and released their most recent album, Under the Grey Banner”, in 2011. While a symphonic metal band may sound too intense for you, it is definitely worth a listen. There’s none of the typical screaming you would expect from a metal band. Rather, Jonas Heidgert, the lead singer, delivers powerful, smooth vocals at an incredible range. The songs range in variety as well, going from powerful, fast-paced songs such as “Holy War” to modern plays on classical composers, seen in Beethoven’s Nightmare” and “Rondo A La Turca ” (a twist on Mozart’s “Rondo Alla Turca“). The song titles themselves also give a hint to the more geeky side of Dragonland. Many of their songs have a medieval feel to them, making you feel like you’re playing a RPG or going to the Renaissance Faire. One of their slower and shorter pieces, “Throne of Bones“, starts with the traditional medieval strums at the beginning. It leads into a deep, powerful and theatrical voice transporting you into an old fable. And it’s not just the sound that sounds medieval – the lyrics are just as powerful. “I gazed up at armies in silver, clashing with beasts from the sky. And I wept with a sigh yet I know, the dragon’s son must die.” Each song tells a story, whether it be one of their medieval ballads or a faster track. Some songs even come in series, such as the three part saga “The Old House on the Hill. Occasionally, some songs will have mythical female vocals added in, such as on “Lady of Goldenwood “.With a mix of heavy metal with an orchestral flair, medieval ballads, and pure instrumental pieces, Dragonland’s songs find the way to transport you to a completely different time.

If you’re not sure where to start, try listening to “Shadow of the Mithril Mountains“. It starts with the enchanting female lyrics, but then leads to the heavier, symphonic metal that Dragonland blends beautifully. If you find yourself liking it, listen to the rest of the album, “Under the Grey Banner“. It has a nice mix of classic songs and progressive metal. Similar artists to Dragonland are Dionysis, Firewind, and At Vance. You can find all of them on Spotify.