Pokemon of the Week – Butterfree


The Pokemon of the week is Butterfree! Butterfree is a bug-flying type that was released in the first generation. It is the final evolution to Caterpie and Metapod, both of which are found pretty early in the first games. Butterfree was a pretty common Pokemon to see in someone’s first Pokemon team. It is number 12 in the national Pokedex. The X Pokedex entry says that it loves the honey of flowers and can locate flower patches that have even tiny amounts of pollen. The Y Pokedex entry says the wings are protected by rain-repellent dust. As a result, this Pokemon can fly about, even in rain.

Butterfree has really bad base stats and is only 395 in all. But it resides in the NU tier and a good set to run is a Quiver Dance Sweeper. Life orb, modest/timid nature with the tinted lens ability. The move set is Quiver Dance, Sleep Powder, Bug Buzz, and Psychic. E.V spread would be 4 HP/252 Special Attack/ 252 Speed. There are a lot of special moves because Butterfree’s best stat is it’s special attack.

I liked Butterfree even though it’s a bug, and I hate bugs. Butterflies have always been okay with me, because they look so graceful! Butterfree has a lot of old memories tied in with it and I think it’s a great Pokemon, even though some would say otherwise.