Pokemon Of The Week – Sylveon


The pokemon of the week is Sylveon! Sylveon is an eeveelution that was released in the 6th Generation (Kalos region). It is number #700 in the National PokeDex. Sylveon is reported to be the Intertwining Pokémon. According to the “X” Pokedex entry, it sends a soothing aura from its ribbon-like feelers to calm fights. In the “Y” Pokedex it wraps its ribbon-like feelers around the arm of its beloved Trainer and walks with him or her.

I like to think of this Pokémon as the Pokémon of love, since it evolves from showing it love and care in the Pokémon anime in “X” & “Y“. I had one on my team during my play through of the game, and it was amazing! Absolutely fabulous. This thing can take out the mightiest of dragon Pokémon in one hit if it wanted to. I just imagine Dragonite cowering in the corner away from this adorable little creature. It is a great addition to a team, especially a competitive team.

There are many sets you could run for Sylveon on Battle Spot. Since Sylveon has such skyhigh SpD. (Special Defense) and pretty good HP, it makes for a phenomenal Cleric set Pokémon. The move set would include Wish, Protect, Heal Bell, and Hyper Voice with a Calm nature. I recommend using the ability Pixilate instead of Cute Charm, because it changes normal type moves into fairy and you should probably give it Leftovers so it would gain a bit of its health each turn. This is the most common set you’ll see in competitive battle so make sure you have a physical attacker with either a steel or poison move to get rid of it since Fairy is weak to Poison and Steel. I run an interesting Sylveon set. It’s one you’ll most likely never see unless you’re battling me. Mine is a physically offensive Sylveon that is running a powerful Giga Impact, Façade, Quick Attack, and Dig with an Adamant nature to boost that physical attack. It holds a Choice Band and has the Pixilate ability. I like to think that I made this set on my own, and am pretty proud of it honestly. I love Sylveon and it is easily my favorite Pokémon.

All in all, Sylveon is just a beast in a pink body. It obliterates almost everything and has one of the highest special defense stats in Pokémon. This special wall of a creature can take hits for days and that is why it is this week’s Pokémon of the Week.