Pokémon of The Week – Kingdra


The Pokémon of the week is Kingdra! Kingdra is like the hot sister of Dragalge. It has a total base stat of 540, which isn’t bad. National Dex number 230, known as the Dragon Pokémon. Kingdra was released in Gen 2 and was the first Water/Dragon to be in the games. According to the pokedex entry in X version, this Pokémon is said to usually hide in underwater caves. It can create whirlpools by yawning. In Pokémon Y version, the pokedex says that it stores energy by sleeping at underwater depths at which no other life-form can survive. Kingdra is a seahorse-like Pokémon with a tightly curled tail and is supposedly 5’11”. It weighs a surprising 335.1 lbs.  It is covered in blue scales except for its yellow belly scales. There are two thin spines with a single branch atop its head and thin, white fins under its cheeks. Its thin snout is powerful and allows shots of water jets with devastating power to be fired. Two-pronged whisker-like fins extend slightly past its cheek and on its back is a white fin supported by thin, blue spines that look like the ones on its head.  230

A Kingdra set that you’ll normally see in the UU tier is a Critdra Kingdra, which runs a Modest Nature with the Sniper ability. Sniper will power up moves if they become critical hits and Focus Energy increases your chances at getting a critical hit.  The move set would be Focus Energy, Draco Meteor, Hydro Pump or Scald, and Ice Beam. EV spread would be 24 HP/252 Sp. Attack/232 Speed.  They’ll typically have the scope lens as well so watch out.

I personally run a Dragon Dance Kingdra named Juvia. She has an Adamant nature with the Sniper ability. I super-trained her EV spread to be 4 HP/252 Attack/252 Speed. The move set she runs is Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Outrage, and Substitute. Once your Kingdra is behind a substitute just set up a few Dragon Dance’s so that way your attack and speed increase. It will regain health back from the leftovers so if you can play your cards right during the match, it’ll be a Kingdra sweep.

I’ve loved Kingdra ever since I got Juvia as a Shiny 6iv specially bred Horsea from Nappy’s Wondertrade Wednesday. She has proven herself to be quite useful in battle spot as a physical sweeper. If you haven’t used a Kingdra before, I highly recommend it.