Pokemon Sword and Shield: The UzerFriendly Review


The UzerFriendly team has had an amazing month playing the brand new Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch! We each got together from around the world to share our experiences of the game!

Name: Bastet (@lovealchemist)
Trainer Code: 0000 0003 G2DM 20
Starter: Scorbunny
Favorite Pokemon: Mew
Being able to play a Pokémon game with your friends? Count me in. I love Pokémon Go for this reason and this game combines aspects of the mobile game and the classics. I was also able to create a team fitting for Bastet themselves and it kept me hyped throughout the game. I love my team so much! And hello? I can create a charater that looks like me!? There’s still more that can be improved with the customization but this was a huge step in the right direction.

Name: Badlex (@Badlex727)
Trainer Code: 0000 0000 J5KL 2M
Starter: Grookey
Favorite Pokemon: Bisharp
I’ve been playing Pokémon since Gen 1, with Gen 3 being the first Pokémon game I owned. I’ve played through every single generation, and Sword/Shield have been the best experience I’ve had playing Pokémon in such a long time, maybe ever.

Name: Geoff (@geoffwilson_)
Trainer Code: 0000 0008 P80V 2Y
Starter: Sobble
Favorite Pokemon: Appletun
As someone who mostly plays Pokémon casually, I’m captivated by the addition of raids. Who would have guessed that co-op is what it would take to get me invested in the game?

Name: Matoi (@MelancholyMatoi)
Trainer Code: 0000 0006 2665 M5
Starter: Scorbunny
Favorite Pokemon: Ampharos / Hatterene
My favorite Pokemon in the Galar region has to be Hatterene. She helped me through a gym I would have otherwise super struggled with. Ever since we’ve enjoyed so much curry together that I think she’s getting a little tired of it, haha. One of her favorite things to do is raids, despite how slow she is 👀
I’ve had an absolutely glorious time playing this game. Yes, I have a decent amount of gripes with it graphically and I feel it could have absolutely used more polish. However, in the grand scheme of things, even though the difficult in some places is a huge joke, the game did keep me on my toes a lot where I couldn’t just speed through text and know what I was doing. Not only that of course but the game is really really fun. I haven’t had this much fun with a Pokémon game since Black 2/White 2. X/Y was fun, made me cry, Sun/Moon was okay and had great antagonists, but Sword/Shield was just a blast with the amount of things you can do and the character development some of the cast goes through. I had a wonderful time!

Name: Cherry (@CherryBoyWriter)
Trainer Code: 0000 0005 LGJK BC
Starter: Scorbunny
Favorite Pokemon: I’m partial to the ones I’ve been using so Hatterene, Toxitricity, Copperajah, Dragapult and Grimmsnarl.
Me: Oh BOY! I can’t wait to all of this FREE TIME for PRODUCTIVITY!
Nintendo in 2019: What if… no. 😊

It’s been a banger time with this generation of pokemon. Usually once the post game hits I have a tendency to just put down the game but not this gen.

I adore all the streamlining that’s been done to make your pokemon competitive ready because I personally hate the idea of breeding (pls let me reset the battle tower).

It’s almost a shame we still have only 1 save slot because I would have loved to go through this games story several times. It’s genuinely a good one. So all in all good generation.

Name: Emily (@Emii_Lemony)
Trainer Code: 0000 0005 3VPG VM
Starter: Scorbunny
Favorite Pokemon: Alcremie
Racking up expensive items from the wild area to sell just to spend it all on fashion. I enjoy spending time fighting raid bosses that my friend and I could take down together. I still have more things to look forward to trying like taking on the battle tower and shiny hunting!

Name: Olivia (@phantolite)
Trainer Code: 0000 0002 NK8B JL
Starter: Grookey
Favorite Galar Pokemon: Appletun
Pokemon Sword is a near perfect game and I’m going to take my time playing this one. The wild Pokemon encounter system added from Let’s Go makes the expansive wild area feel alive, and the unexpected multiplayer experience is a huge bonus. 

Name: Anthony (@anthoknight)
Trainer Code: 0000 0000 YV53 Y2
Starter: Sobble Squad
Favorite Pokemon: Whimsicott
Pokemon Sword and Shield are definitely one of the best Pokemon experiences by far. People were really upset about the national dex, but I feel like it’s honestly been a huge plus for a lot of people. 400 Pokemon is a much more achievable goal than 890 (yikes) and it’s a lot less for my friends who are newer to the series to remember. The characters were the best in the series and honestly, the Gym Leader Challenge was the most hype experience I’ve had playing Pokemon in 20 years. The raids add so much more replayability with friends and it’s really exciting when we find a cool GMax! I can’t wait to see what they give us throughout 2020 for this game as I’m sure there will be DLC for more content or a 3rd game!

Name: Elias (@LouisGWS)
Trainer Code: 0000 0001 R7W3 9W
Starter: Sobble
Favorite Pokemon:


My list of potential favorites have an obvious theme lol
I think my favorite right now is Obstagoon. This punk has such a ridiculous signature move, such a sick vibe, I love my anarchist child.
This has been the best Pokemon game since gen 5. Full stop. Amazing Character ( you Sonia!), the Gym Challenge was set up in a really cool way (THE WHOLE ELITE 4 SECTION!!!) And there’s so much to do even after beating the post game story that it’s worth playing after finishing the story (time for shinies and raids!)

Name: Rebecca (@entityofjustice)
Trainer Code: 0000 0002 6XPD VF
Starter: The first starter Pokemon I went with was Sobble, which in my opinion is the second best starter of gen 8. If you want my FAVORITE starter, it’s Scorbunny.
Favorite Pokemon: Overall? Cloyster. From Gen 8? Falinks.
I immediately fell in love with SwoShi once I booted it up. I was already excited beforehand, partly because I knew I’d have fun and partly out of spite for all the idiots bashing it before it even came out, but this game went and blew me out of the water. It’s very close to my favorite Pokemon game, helped out by all the amazing new Pokemon, the quality of life additions that easily improve this game above any other improvement added before, and I foresee myself spending even more time in this game. Thousands of hours, probably.