Predictions: “How I Met Your Mother” Series Finale


how-i-met-your-mother-wallpaper-5Hello and welcome Uzers! This is Josh here with another bonus article! Exciting, isn’t it? Today I’m going to talk about a rather fantastic sitcom series that is coming to an end this Monday, March 31st: “How I Met Your Mother”. Any fans of the show have known about this for a while, and I don’t know about you guys but I am very sad but also very excited! I have been watching “How I Met Your Mother” for a long time and let me tell you, this show has had an amazing nine seasons. With the show coming to an end, I thought I would write up an article about what I think is going to happen in the final episode.

This show has been absolutely hilarious, as many of its fans know, but one of the best things about this show is that it’s a sitcom with an actual story, and not just that, but a good story. There’s no doubt in my mind that this finale is going to have some great stuff happen. Let’s start with Barney and Robin and what’s going down between them. As you guys know, this last season has all been about the weekend before Barney and Robin’s wedding and the crazy nonsense that occurs; but more importantly it also deals with how Ted meets his wife. (I know that’s a lot of episodes for just one weekend, but we won’t worry about that.) Some people might be thinking that Barney and Robin are going how-i-met-your-mother (1)to have some giant issue and end up not getting married but I say nay, good sir! I think that the wedding will still happen and though it will definitely be crazy, Barney and Robin will end up a happy couple. Who knows, Barney’s mom might actually accept Robin! Speaking of Barney’s family, what about his brother James and his divorce with Tom? Well maybe I’m being optimistic, but it looks like James and Tom are going to get back together and Barney will probably be overjoyed. Next thought: what’s going to happen with Lily, Marshall and, of course, cute little Marvin Wait-for-it Eriksen? I don’t know how the two of them will work it out, but Marshall and Lily do end up going to Italy and having Marvin’s new sister Daisy, but of course it won’t be so simple. I think a few jokes or clever tricks are coming along with that conversation. What about Robin’s crazy dad? Where will he fit in the wedding in the end? Honestly, I couldn’tComing Back tell what’s going to happen there but I hope that it will be good. And now the final and most important part of this series finale: “The Mother”. I’m so excited to see how Ted will meet her. The show has shown how each of the other characters has met “The Mother” and what their interactions were, like Lily meeting her on the train, but Ted still has yet to meet his dream woman. I’m going to be really honest, this show never ever does what you were expecting so this part is anyone’s guess. My guess is, I think something is going to go wrong at the wedding and Ted is going to try and leave or freak out and “The Mother” is going to swoop in and convince him otherwise, after which Ted will start to think about how great of a woman she is.

Okay Uzers, these are some of the things I think are going to happen in the series finale of “How I Met Your Mother“, this Monday on CBS at 8 PM. What do guys think? Leave a comment and let me know! No matter what happens tomorrow night, I’m sure that all of us fans of “How I Met Your Mother” will agree on one thing about this finale: it’s going to be awesome, funny, clever, and probably the saddest and most satisfying ending you have seen to a show in a long time. “How I Met Your Mother” is the ultimate example of what a good sitcom can and I hope it’s remembered for a really long time.