The Comic Book Virgin: Saga


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This week: “Saga“.

First things first: Wow. When I opened up Volume One of “Saga“, I wasn’t expecting to be so blown away. This book is so good for so many reasons; I don’t even know where to start.

Let’s start with the premise. “Saga” takes place in a galaxy far, far away- no, not that one. There is a major war going on in the galaxy between the planet Landfall and its moon Wreath. The war has bounced from place to place within the galaxy, which resulted in periods of relative peace. The first two issues follow the main characters as they travel across the galaxy, going from the planet Cleave, to various ships, the planet Sextillion, to an Endless Forest and beyond. The story moves quickly and easily bounces from character to character.

The two main characters have fallen in love against all odds. Alana, a former Landfall soldier meets Marko, or Prisoner #9763572, and the two escape the prison and become wanted criminals. Their marriage soon adds a baby to their little family, which turns the entire galaxy’s focus on them. Multiple bounty hunters, as well as what looks like a government official or two, try to track them down and bring them in. Each character is has their own distinct personality, tone, and voice, and Brian Vaughan writes each one very, very well.

The art is fantastic, too. Each character, whether it be a ghost, the bounty hunter Stalk, a Moony, or a Landfall soldier, is incredibly unique and a wonder to look at. The scenes in each panel are very well drawn, and the action scenes are something to see. Each scenes has its own color scheme specific to the mood of the scene. To say that Fiona Staples is talented is an understatement.

Over all, I’d say that I absolutely adored “Saga“;I absolutely can’t wait to get my hands on the third issue.

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