The Comic Book Virgin: Young Avengers Presents


Welcome to The Comic Book Virgin, the series where I dive headfirst into the world of comics and never look back. This week: “Young Avengers Presents:“.

So far in my comic career, I’ve only heard of one group of Avengers. We all know who I’m talking about: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, the whole gang. What I had no idea about were the Young Avengers. This comic was the perfect introduction.

Each Young Avenger has his or her own little chapter in this issue, each written and illustrated by a different team. This in itself was interesting because although they all followed the same general format, I got to see six different styles all at once. The sections were short and fairly easy to follow, even though I don’t know much of anything about the group’s origins or the Civil War-or anything, really.

I really liked the introduction that I got to each character. Although it mentioned things like the Civil War and other major events, I got all of the basic information about the superheroes that I needed, such as name, parents, powers, and other important things. I liked that each had their own private lives and issues. This in itself was refreshing because it made them seem more realistic, even if they spend most of their spare time shooting arrows or casting spells. Each Young Avenger had his or her own struggle that was touched on during the issue, and in each issue, the group was always there to help each other. This was something that I really enjoyed. They weren’t just teammates, they were also friends. There were even issues between members of the group, but they always managed to work it out.

As I previously mentioned, each character had their own issue. The writing for each character was very good, they sounded like teenagers but also had really insightful comments on the world that they live in and how they need to push on and be the best superheroes they could be. The art for each character was good as well. I wonder how long this book took to put together to make sure that the styles of each portion of the book didn’t clash.

That’s all for me. I hope you enjoyed this week’s CBV. Got suggestions for which issue I should read next? Leave a comment down below!