The Influence of Music Games


If there’s one thing that I feel is completely undervalued, it is definitely the importance of music games on our society. While many people see the popular music games that are suited for families and casual gamers as simple and fun party games, there is actually a lot more to that. These games have given plenty of musical opportunities to their audience, including an array of new music to explore, the history of music, and the desire to learn how to create their own music. This is something that is extremely beneficial to our society as a whole, and there are so many ways in which these musical games have allowed it’s core following to experience these different aspects of music.

Many interactive music titles such as “Rock Band,” “Audiosurf,” and “Just Dance,” all share an important trait in the topic: they all have the intention to introduce new music to the player, or allow them to experiment music itself. What is interesting about these games, is that it has actually been responsible for many people pursuing a career in music, or just have a much more of an open taste. A kid who was never into bands or artists, is now one of the biggest fans of “Avenged Sevenfold“. A girl who never knew what her calling was, now realizes she loves to dance. It’s this effect that proves how beneficial to society these music games are. More people today will learn about all different types of styles, and cultures of music, which will give them an incredibly open mind. Also, many people have pursued instruments after playing these games, including a writer for the tech music section on a website! ( Yours truly.) ‘”Rock Band” actually taught me all of the basic techniques for drumming, and through learning by playing actual beat patterns, and playing to actual songs, did I learn the instrument. It really is how incredible it is.

So why are these games so successful? Well, the biggest reason is that they’re easy to approach and have interactive gameplay. Having a game that allows you to jump in and feel like your playing a live show, or dancing in a club is invigorating. You want to feel that experience, so you play, and as you play, you learn new music, methods, and concepts in the process. Having games that can easily enrich our society by showing them incredible musical concepts from the past, and present, is an excellent tool in bringing us all closer trough the power of music. Although the amount if interactive music games being put out in recent years are growing scarce, I am confident that these titles will return and continue ti extend their massive influence.

As always, I hope you enjoyed my article, and I’ll see you all soon.