The Music of Star Fox Assault


As many of you already know, one of my most beloved franchises is the “Star Fox” franchise. I have loved this series since my childhood and I am happy to be sharing another article on it again! While it may be out of the blue to go back to “Star Fox” so soon, I decided to write about “Star Fox Assault” because of my most recent experience with it. In the wake of my graduation, I decided to replay through some of the games that affected me as a person. Of course, I was so thrilled to see some of my childhood again and seeing “Star Fox Assault”  really brought out some strong emotions.

Star Fox Assault” has a soundtrack that contains a delightful blend of fast paced and fitting orchestral pieces that are extremely beneficial in bringing out the quality in every mission to the fullest! One thing I love about these tracks is the sheer magnitude of their tones. Each piece is musically powerful in that they are very high toned and loud. Traits like these can only be seen as positive if the music that follows progresses well and is complementary to the game and the soundtrack for “Star Fox Assault” earns a 10/10 in this respect. Each piece progresses well from one to the other and definitely brings a new sound to every moment in the game. The music coincides with the story extremely well, too, as every moment is accompanied by a piece that is designed to bring out the emotion that the scene is projecting. In simpler terms, this soundtrack is fitting for every scene in the game and each and every one shares one special feature.

This soundtrack’s compositions are all extremely frantic in all sorts of ways. Certain songs, such as the pieces that play during the missions, “Fortuna” and “Sargasso Space Zone” are positively frantic in that they have tones that are uplifting but still fast paced. As for missions such as “Sauria” and “Aparoid Home World“, the  pieces that follow the mission are much more drastic, in that the instruments lower their tone and begin to use odd scales to cause a bit more tension. Even the mission briefings that are seen in between each level have music that reflect if the situation is exciting or critical, and it’s honestly inspiring to see how composers Yoshie Arakawa and Yoshinori Kawamoto made this music fit so perfectly.

Another interesting little feature to the soundtrack are the various references to its predecessor, “Star Fox 64.” You would probably guess that this would be a feature I adored, considering my stated love for that game’s soundtrack, and you would be right! At certain points in the game’s progression, you will hear tunes that originate from “Star Fox 64“,  such as the ever famous “Meteo“,  and even a romantic remake to the “Game Over” track that played after a failed mission in “64“.

Based off of general feedback from various internet sources, the soundtrack to “Star Fox Assault” was one of the most well-received soundtracks in the franchise. Honestly, who would even argue? I have seen people who have hated the core mechanics and story of this game marvel over the music, and that alone says something.

I hope you enjoyed this article and be sure to check out the official soundtrack online or play the game for yourself! As always, I’ll see you next week with another article for you lovely viewers.