Top 5 Addictive TV Shows On Netflix


Ever had a day off and there’s nothing to do, so you look around online for shows to binge watch? You could pick up a book or go to the gym, but we all know that’s not what you feel like doing. You want to catch up on an amazing TV series to talk about with your friends! Here’s my top 5 list of shows that are easily binge watchable.

Disclaimer: This is my list with my own personal opinions and they are in no certain order. These shows are for Mature audiences only. 

#5: Orange is the New Black

Every sentence has a story. And boy, are these stories good.

Ever wondered how it would be like to be sent to prison? Me neither. Orange is the New Black takes this question to a whole other level. The show follows Piper Chapman and her high-school antics in a women’s federal prison. Every prisoner is fully fleshed out with these amazing backstories that make you feel sorry for them. These women find ways to keep their joy while spending time behind bars. It’s so inspiring to see how these women throw parties and dance around and overall make the best out of such a bad situation. Every episode, you get a peek at how one of the inmates got sent to jail. Most of the time, you have to arrive at the conclusion yourself. I promise you, once you watch the first episode, you will not be able to stop. Not to mention Regina Spektor sings the opening theme and it’s absolutely amazing. You can listen to it here.


#4: House of Cards
When I first heard about this show, I’ll admit I was a bit iffy. Who care about politics, amirite? But once I saw it was directed by David Fincher, the director of “Fight Club” and starred Kevin Spacey, from “American Beauty” and “The Usual Suspects“, as Frank Underwood, I had to give this show a chance and boy, do I regret not watching this show earlier. Frank Underwood is a cutthroat senator trying to make his way to the top. He uses Shakespearean Asides to convince the audience that what he’s doing is for the greater good. Honestly, he inspired me to take charge of my own situations. This show has so many twists and turns and I have never been more amped to see a bill trying to getting passed through the senate. Sometimes, it gets a bit slow, but push through it till the end. The ending had me screaming and begging for more. I can’t wait for season 3.


#3: Weeds

One day, I was browsing Netflix and I stumbled upon this beauty. The show stars Nancy Botwin and goes through her screwed up life as a full time mother and part time drug dealer. This show gets crazier and crazier as it goes on with the Mexican Cartels, territory battles, love affairs, this show has it all. I will admit that the show gets boring towards season 7 to the point where I didn’t even want to watch season 8, but seasons 1-6 had me at the edge of my seat all the way through. I stayed up for 2 weeks straight trying to finish this show. I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes drama with a mix of comedy.


#2: Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad. Is there anything more to say? It’s Breaking Bad. If you haven’t seen this show, watch it. Now. The show stars Bryan Cranston as Walter White and Aaron Paul as Jessie Pinkman. This show is phenomenal. No amount of words can do this show justice. From the symbolism of colors to the development of characters and the amount of plot twists, you will not get enough of this show. Vince Gilligan really put his heart into this show and it shows. I’ve actually crawled up into a ball and cried during a few episodes. Recently, they’ve put every episode on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. I won’t spoil anything for you. Just remember never to meth will Heisenberg. (Get it?)


#1: Arrested Development

This show is so underrated. Arrested Development is a sitcom that started on Fox but was then cancelled. Netflix, being the great company that they are, decided to buy the rights to the show and created a 4th season. This show is absolutely hilarious. Every episode piles on top of its predecessors, so no episode is left in the dust. Everything has a reason for happening, whether it was mentioned in the episode right before it or 3 seasons before it, everything comes back to bite them in the butt and I absolutely love it. The characters are so lovable even though they’re all selfish. If you’re looking for something light-hearted to laugh at, I definitely recommend this to you.


That’s my list for the top 5 addictive TV shows on Netflix! So grab some popcorn and a lot of coffee, cause you’ll be up for a long time watching these shows. Was there a show that I missed? Tell us down in the comments what your top 5’s are!