UzerFriendly’s 5 Favorite Video Game Valentines


Romance abounds in the medium of video games, whether it be though will-they-won’t-they subplots between characters or side quests where the protagonist can woo that special someone. With Valentine’s Day upon us, the UzerFriendly staff took the time to reflect on their favorite gaming romances. Whether they’re one of video game’s most eligible bachelors, or simply a character that stole our hearts, here are UzerFriendly’s top five valentines.

(Note: This article contains spoilers.)

Edelgard von Hresvelg

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Anthony says:

It was love at first sight for me. Intelligent, stunning and well-spoken, Edelgard is definitely my valentine. Edelgard is one of the three house leaders and the only one I will ever side with. She’s collected and calculating, and she will do whatever it takes to fight for what’s right. She never backs down from fighting for people who are less privileged than her. Even if it’s unpopular, she understands that to achieve unity, she needs to dismantle the establishment and build it anew. Also, her sweet tooth is cute. I would buy her an Earl Grey Tea Cream Frappe any day of the week. 😘

Shulk and Melia Antiqua

Melia Antiqua

Xenoblade Chronicles

Autumn says:

The High Entia Princess in love with the guy who spends the entire game trying to take revenge on the Mechon for killing the girl he was in love with. It’s heartbreaking to watch, but it’s OK, Melia, because I love you. She’s slow to trust and gives off the first impression of being quite cold and calculating. But, beneath that rigid mask lies the qualities of a great leader. She’s intelligent, noble and has a gentle heart. Even after the High Entia turn against her, she doesn’t hesitate to rush into danger to fight for their safety.

A lot of people think Melia deserved to be with Shulk in the end, but I wholeheartedly disagree. The fact that she saw his feelings for Fiora and recognized that it wasn’t her place to insert herself into his life shows a level of maturity and respect that is, to put it mildly, incredibly attractive. Also, she had the coolest move set, don’t @ me. Best girl since 2010.

Miyashiro Erika Wagner

Miyashiro Erika Wagner


Cherry says:

Erika Wagner is an untamable flame of a person who only has one thing on her mind: to be the person her organization needs her to be. To that end she pushes herself to be the strongest for the group that is like family to her. That burning drive is something I respect. Yet, if there was ever a character who needed a romantic relationship to help ground them, it’s her. Despite the fact she’s smart, powerful, beautiful and knows it, she reduces herself to being a blade when nobody, not even her family, wants that. Erika is someone I would absolutely support both emotionally and practically to see her burn even brighter.

Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine

Fallout 4

Bastet says:

Now, I know what y’all are thinking: “Wait a minute Bast, you can’t romance Valentine!” To which I’d respond, “Why do we live in a world so cruel that I can’t even romance someone who has Valentine in his name!?” I exaggerate, of course, but who cannot help but fall in love with this old-timey being. He got his start in Diamond City by helping reunite the mayor and his daughter. Though folks were weary of him at first, Valentine has gained their trust by being the best damned detective one could hope for. He later asks for your help which in return, unlocks him as becoming a companion.

Through our travels, I fell harder which each sentence he spoke. His vernacular kept my ears glued to him and had me smiling at even the tiniest line of dialogue. Some lines were sweet and soft: “Hey, chin up. I know the night just got darker, but it won’t last forever.” Others, cheeky: “There is really no way to ride a seesaw with dignity.” It’s obvious why I became so enamored. Nick is one of the few companions in Fallout 4 who aren’t romanceable, which I can’t understand when Curie is an option. Anyway… Nick Valentine, if you’re out there and you’re reading this, will you be my Valentine?

Goro Akechi and Joker

Goro Akechi

Persona 5 Royal

Geoff says:

While Persona 5 Royal greatly expands on Akechi’s role in the story, it doesn’t commit to a romantic reading of his relationship with Joker. Which is ludicrous! The game’s final act focuses on the missed opportunity of Joker and Akechi’s relationship. What could have been if the pair were not pitted against one another, if their relationship was not based on deception? The late-game reveal that Joker’s greatest desire, despite all the hardships he’s faced in the game so far, was a second chance at a relationship with Akechi is just heartbreaking in context of the larger conflict. But considering Atlus’ horrific track record when it comes to queer representation, perhaps I’m better served enjoying the content produced by the fan community.