Wants of the Masses #1: Watch_Dogs


Hey guys and gals! Welcome to Wants of the Masses. I’m Thomas and I will be your host for this evening. This is an article in which I will discuss games, tech, or just about anything you, the general public, is looking forward to! So let’s just get down to business shall we? This week’s topic of conversation is the long awaited and finally (hopefully) has a set due date, “Watch_Dogs“!

Speaking of due dates, “Watch_Dogs” is set to be released on May 27th. With any luck and/or hope, it won’t be pushed back again, otherwise Ubisoft and I will more then likely need to exchange some words. Don’t you do it Ubisoft, don’t even think about it. There is a 14 minute demo currently on YouTube available here. Now as far as getting your hands on pre-ordering the game you can do so here. This game features some pretty cool pre-order bonuses such as outfits and extra in-game content. I’ve never really been a fan of getting bonus content based on the place you pre-order your game, but if I absolutely had to choose one, I think I’d lean toward Walmart a little more due to the epic sleek black coat you get. Although, the Viceroys jacket from Amazon looks pretty sweet too.

As far as the gameplay goes, this game seems to go whatever way you truly feel comfortable. Starting from hacking from a distance to running in, guns-blazing at any given moment, or maybe even both. This game also seems to be very much of a test on the morality of the player. For example, you have the option to hack the bank account of a single mother. You could to get yourself some easy money, but then you’ll know in the back of your head you’ll have just bankrupted an innocent woman who has to take care of her children on her own. The game also has quite a nice little “Dark Souls“-esque mechanic where other players can hack into your world. You can even take revenge and hack into theirs. Pretty sweet tech if you ask me, I’d love to have that kind of stuff around…but then again, not if other people had it as well. I personally enjoy the fact that you can be walking along the street and some civilians recognize you for a crime and calls the cops…but I also see this getting old really fast. I’d hate to have to escape the cops in a game every 5 seconds. Makes me think of the “Grand Theft Auto” series when civilians would punch you and the cops would start to chase after you, not the actual criminal.

The thing that gets me about this game is its story. I haven’t seen much about the story and that doesn’t seem to bother me one bit. That’s the scary thing; is this just going to be yet another mindless sandbox Ubisoft game or is this one going to be different? Ubisoft does have a bit of a splotchy history with free roaming games. I am very much so looking forward to this game regardless, it looks flashy, smooth, and very action oriented.  There seems to be a complete limitless amounts of possibilities of hacks, firefights, car chases, and even some of that PVP action I was talking about earlier.

If I was you guys, I’d head out and start to see about picking myself up a pre-order as soon as possible! I am definitely going to go and get mine soon enough. This game is going to sell like hotcakes with the amount of time it has been delayed! Don’t forget to check back next week for the next segment of Wants of the Masses. Catch you later guys and gals! – Thomas