Wants of the Masses #2 – Virtual Reality


Hey guys and gals! Welcome to Wants of the Masses. I’m Thomas and I will be your host for this evening. This is an article in which I will discuss games, tech, or just about anything you, the general public, is looking forward to! So let’s just get down to business shall we? This week’s topic of conversation is Virtual Reality!

Now, our two biggest contenders in this subject are the Oculus VR (aka the Oculus Rift) and the Sony VR. Oculus and Sony seem to have been developing for what seems to be a similar amount of time, but Oculus annouced their product far sooner to the public then Sony did. BUT Sony seems to be up to the same speed that the Oculus is, unveiling their VR headset which I must say, looks really sleek and comfortable compared to the Oculus. You can see the Sony VR headset here, as well as the Oculus VR headset here.

Now let’s take a look at when these babies are set to launch! It would seem Sony has set it’s goal for around the holidays this 2014, but 2015 may be a possibility, which I’m still fine with. Now as for the Oculus, there isn’t much to be said seeing as how Oculus VR has recently been completely bought out and handed over to none other then Facebook! Yes, you heard me right, Facebook, the sharing blue like buttoning social media giant. I’m not sure what Facebook has in store for Oculus, but I just better hope it’s good! For more on Facebook’s buyout of Oculus check out Shmuels article here.

I don’t know about you guys and gals, but I’m very much looking forward to the games that could possibly be set out with these amazing VR systems. Many names have been thrown out among these and the most popular are:

  • Skyrim
  • Watch_Dogs
  • Assassins Creed
  • Driveclub

Nonetheless it’s got me excited! I’ve been so ready for VR since Sword Art Online. A very popular widespread anime about a VR MMO game that traps people inside it and you can only escape by completing the game. Do you guys think anything like this will ever be possible with these VR headsets? I would sure hope not.

Virtual reality has been a want of the population for quite some time, and to help that we’ve tried to appease ourselves with whatever we can get our hands on, whether it be a alternate reality online game, or a super 3D movie. The human race always wants what they can’t have at the given moment. After VR finally hits and it’s done well, it’ll no doubt skyrocket through the market. But what about after that? Maybe a VR body? One that walks around for you while you can sit at home controlling it, with no danger to yourself? If you have any ideas or questions feel free to post a comment down below! I’d be happy to hear any and all thoughts on the subject.

If I was you guys, I’d head out and start to see about when you can make sure you get one of these bad boys ASAP.  I am definitely going to go and get mine soon enough. This stuff is sure to be the next cutting edge next-gen tech to hit the market. Don’t forget to check back next week for the next segment of Wants of the Masses. Catch you later, guys and gals! – Thomas