Why Susan Storm is Important


Susan Storm.  She started off as the “token” female character on the Fantastic Four as the “The Invisible Girl“. As comics progressed, she was given the title of ‘The Invisible Woman’, and given a wider range in which she uses her powers. She does not just turn invisible to escape her enemies now, but can project defenses and use force bubbles that can be small enough to in the ear canal and make the brain explode.

This article today is to make an argument for why Susan Storm should get both more respect from fans and why she is the badass woman she is.

1. Her Powers.


Not only can Sue use her powers as a defense, which can be used to shield an entire city from a bomb/keep a bubble oxygenation in space BUT she can use the same power for the offense. She can make tiny bubbles of air and force them into a beings’ body.

She is arguably, the strongest memeber of the Fantastic Four.


2. Badass Mom.


Susan Storm is not only a superhero 24/7, she also has a family. Not only her own kids, but many other children live in the FF’s tower who she and the other members of the FF teach.  Franklin and Valeria are her children, and she loves them no matter what. Reed Richards, her husband, is in the Illuminati-an elite group of heroes who make life saving decisions for the earth, you can read about them currently in The New Avengers by Hickman- and has recently had to make a decision based on destroying another planet to save himself and his family.  Susan Storm would do the same thing and more to protect her children. In the current run of Fantastic Four, the government tries to take away Sue’s children, she lashes out by almost destroying the city. Yeah, this “invisible girl” can take down all of New York and defeat all the super heroes if need be.


3. Role Model Material

When Laura Kinney, aka x-23, came to the Fantastic Four, Susan helped her discover kindness and a sense of family, after all Laura had known where labs and the ‘violence’ that she was thrown into with the X-Men. Sue treated her with respect and kindness, treated her like one of her children. Whomever she has meet, whether it be aliens or other humans Susan has always treated them with respect.


Susan storm also takes no crap from man nor beast.  When she was chosen to represent Earth as the Ambassador Queen to Atlantis, Namor tried to make her agree with him. He even went so far as to slap her in front of all the other counsels since she would not “obey” him.  Instead of agreeing with him, she slapped him right back and stood up for herself and representing all mankind (see panel below).


Susan Storm will not back down, even to another King, for she herself is a Queen.

Susan Storm is one of the most  important women in comics, and even though the Fantastic Four series has not been doing well in sales, I feel like Marvel could truly capitalize on this amazing women.  She  be a role model to young women, men, or anyone else looking for someone who has strength while being kind and accepting of all.