YouTube To Buy Twitch.TV For $1 Billion


YouTube has decided that it wants to buy Twitch.TV for $1 billion. The deal is being investigated to see whether or not this would create anti-competitiveness or a monopoly.

As we all know, YouTube is the single largest streaming service on the net. Video game videos are a huge part of their success (i.e. PewDiePie being the most subscribed person ever). Twitch.TV was really pushing for competition. Now, some people could get around YouTube’s terrible and vague copyright strike rules and stream content. It’s actually shocking that some people would opt for Twitch being their source of income over YouTube. Google/YouTube didn’t like that, so they decided to buy Twitch altogether to make things “less complicated”

Neither party has spoken about the deal yet. But what do you guys think? Great step for YouTube or evil monopolizing from Google? Tell us down in the comments below!

Source: (Variety)