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Here on UzerFriendly, we take pride in our culture; our geek culture. We update our site with news, editorials, and our thoughts on everything about geek culture. We want to create an environment of people that are proud of their hobbies and interests. We're a community of geeks and nerds looking for a place to feel needed and loved. We want to introduce people to new and different things in our culture and show how relevant geek culture is. We take pride in what we do and we hope that you will too.

Anthony T'Challa

Founder (He/Him)

Avid cartoon lover. The Pokémon Trendsetter.

Thea Brenahan

Assistant Manager (They/She)

I love all things to do with Disney, musicals, and video games. Of course, anime and comics are a past time as well. You can normally find me either at work, at school, or asleep. Be on the look out for some sweet Indie game reviews coming from your's truly!

Emily Scirbona

Assistant Manager (She/Her)

I'm just your ordinary, everyday magical girl. No big deal. I love anime and manga, especially magical girl series and shoujo series. Some of my favorite video games are Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon.

Joseph Nieves-Luecke

Streaming Director (He/Him)

I'm a musician, speedrunner of Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, streamer for Uzerfriendly, and procrastinator extraordinaire.

Art Pearson

Content Creator

Can you guess what I like from this setup? I swear I'm not a weeb, I just like chinese cartoons.

GK Figueira

Content Creator

I'm a lover of a lot of things geek and fashion. Kind of a day-walking weeb and I love drag


Content Creator/Streamer

Kt likes collecting plushies from her favorite games and shows. You can usually find her afk on MapleStory rewatching Lord of the Rings or raging at Korean soloq in League of Legends.

Kevin Figge

Content Creator

I'm a law student and sometimes a streamer for Uzerfriendly. My favorite game is Final Fantasy 7 and my favorite anime right now is Haikyuu. Hope you all enjoy geek culture as much as I do!

Rebecca Tewksbury

Writer (She/Her)

Hi. I'm a writer who likes to analyze art, but mostly I just sit here and play video games. Video games are art, so I talk about those. A lot. I'm also a photographer, a law student, a novelist, an aspiring YouTuber and Twitch streamer, and now I write editorials for this site.



As you can see I like my reality with heavy doses of the future, eldritch horror, and the all important cute anime-chans.

Seth Echevarria

Meme Lord

Meet Seth Echevarria, aka Yung Malaria, but you can call him @b3atnes. This boy was born and raised on the payload, and his memes are always spicy and fresh. If you need a Lucio who will always hold you down on the objective like Dj Khaled, he's your man.



Video game designer/producer/director and part-time film maker/editor

Tyler Kocot

Video Editor


Louis Siriotis

Writer/Discord Admin (He/Him)

I'm a game playing and show watching chilled soul who loves to talk about the games and shows I love. I tend to hang around the UZF Discord Chats and also do work on them, so come say hi!


Discord Admin/Content Supplier (They/Them)

Cat God with a spooky aesthetic. You can find me playing video games, listening to music, doodling, and hanging out with my friends.

Geoffrey Wilson

Writer (He/Him)

Geoff Wilson is a writer with an interest in games and how we engage with them. He also loves mechs.


Twitch Affiliate (He/They)

I'm a speedrunner who plays Sonic games fast but also can't shut up about Pokémon and Smash Bros. I'm just here vibing and streaming.

Autumn Fish

Writer (She/Her)

I'm just a spooky ghost who likes to play video games and write about them too. You'll also catch me haunting the piano from time to time, as well as binging anime and studying Japanese.

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