First Look at CW’s Original Series “The Flash”


During yesterday’s season finale of “Arrow”, CW released a small trailer of the new series, “The Flash”. Today,  they released the first extended trailer of the series. Check it out below

I know we had some problems with the costume and actor before. But after this trailer, I’m super excited for this. If you didn’t notice, the show centers around Barry Allen, not Wally West. Barry Allen is the first Flash out of the 3. This opens up so many different possibilities if the show survives. Maybe we’ll even get to see Wally West turn into the next Flash. Or at least we can hope the series goes on that long.

First “Arrow” and now “The Flash”, CW has taken DC Superheroes into a brand new light. The trailer shows Barry talking to Oliver Queen, which opens up even more possibilities for the show. If we get one or 2 more of these series, we might even be able to get a live-action Justice League TV Show. By the way “Arrow” is going and the way “The Flash” looks, I definitely wouldn’t dismiss the idea right away. What do you guys think? Tell us down in the comments below!