I heard it through the GrapeVine #3


Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s “I Heard It Through the GrapeVine!” This is a short segment where I, Thomas, will show you a video that I have found from across the web. Enjoy!

This weeks video is a real treat, done by a popular youtuber by the name of Blake Grigsby. This boy is by far one of the bravest people I have ever seen! This guy right here picked up a giant sheet of paper and just wrote “Kiss me I’m desperate” on it and stood at what looks to be a pier of sorts and recieved kisses from tons of different girls! How in the hell does this actually work? I might have to go get me some poster-board, man. The best part about this is, this guy’s sense of humor. He jokes around and makes lots of small talk which is probably what makes this so easy for him. Enjoy! Thanks for viewing and I can’t wait to see you back next week for more “I Heard It Through the GrapeVine!”.