I heard it through the GrapeVine #6


Hello, everyone, and welcome to this week’s “I Heard It Through the Grape Vine!” This is a short segment where I, Thomas, will show you a video that I have found from across the web. Enjoy!

This week’s video is done by Gary Turk, who has made no other videos. This video was only posted about 2 weeks ago and has already reached a hit number of 30,000,000! It is a spoken film about our current generation and the lack of social skills that comes from the amount of technology we use. Now, I know I’m a huge part of this problem. Any time that I am in public and no one is around, I’ll pull out my phone and just stare at the blank screen. It’s a way of…not standing out, I guess. I’ve seen others do it as well. Why don’t we all just put our phones away for 5 seconds to speak and socialize with one another?

This video sends a powerful message. I really hope that some of you will take something away from this and, one day, power down your display. -Thomas